Review:Obica,South Kensington(Italian Restaurant)

Not really a true believer of Valentines day but definitely a lover of authentic Italian red.Anyways,decided to check out this Italian restaurant minutes off South Kensington station.Obica.

Starters-Creamy Mozzarella and salted salami(7/10)

Main Course:Tiger prawn pasta(5/10-Dry)

Dessert-Pear cheesecake(10/10-it’s cheesecake!!!)

Wine-Moderately intense Italian wine and not going to pretend like a wine connoisseur.It does the job.(7/10 pic attached)

Bottom line:

Service 4.5/5(Premium)

Taste 3/5(Yes, I’m hard to please!)

Quality 3.5/5(A bit above Zizzis/Strada but only marginal)

Price 3/5(You are definitely paying for the location)

Overall 3.5/5(No plans of visiting again but never say never)

Life Hack:Download vocuchercloud and use them discounts to hit ‘zizzis like spots’ and save yourself some dosh or have 2 meals.

More honest reviews to come.Ciao✌️️

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