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KNOW is now at a place where we are setting up a hiring “machine” of sorts. Meaning we’re not hiring for 1 person here and there, but we’re trying to hire 5–10 people over the next few months and if our trajectory continues to grow, that hiring pace will only increase.

During this process of interviewing a number of candidates one of the questions I always find a bit annoying is “what is the scope of my role?” (or some variants of that).

Today I came across a HBS graduation speech by Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook) where she narrates…

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In my daily role as Employee #1** of my startup, I have the distinct privilege of working with some smart, really young people — high school interns, college interns, fresh graduates and the like. While there are many different mental leaps they have to make from working on school projects to “professional” work, one of the hardest seems to, counterintuitively, be “asking others”.

I’ll relatively often hear sentences like I’ve been struggling to crack this problem for the last couple of days, or I’m stuck and not sure what to do next. And more often than not, I’ll only hear…

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If your Facebook feed is anything like mine, it’s inundated by stories about the terrible things happening in the US, about people leaving for Canada, and even about America’s demise. Doubtless there are some crazy things happening in the US, but I for one believe that the period between the election and now has been one of America’s finest times in recent memory. Think I’m crazy? Let me explain. Let’s start chronologically.

  1. The election. In the first week of November, the US elected without any real chaos (or bloodshed!) a new President. While that in itself is remarkable in many…

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About 9 months after I left my corporate job to become a founder, I took some time out to critically self-evaluate my intrinsic entrepreneurial skills. Like everyone else, I realized I had several strengths, but also a few noticeable weaknesses — shortcomings that in my opinion hurt my chances of success in this already risky endeavor. I want to share a simple ritual I followed that helped me greatly towards ironing these out.

Some of the developmental needs were hard skills — not hard as in difficult , but hard as in something you can touch and feel (e.g., as…

I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was in a giant, nondescript, hall in a school in Chennai, India. I must’ve been about 14 years old. My brother Srinath Sridhar was sitting right next to me. He and I were playing the first and second boards in a regional inter-schools team chess tournament*.

We were playing the Vijaywada (a city in neighboring Andhra Pradesh) Schools team and a puny little kid came and sat across from me. As the top board — traditionally the strongest player (although in this case Srinath charitably yielded to the more “senior” me)…

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I had a casual chat with another startup founder recently where the conversation veered at some point towards AI and the classic examples of Amy Ingram ( and other scheduling agents.

At this point the conversation got even more interesting! A big side effect of the digital proliferation are the questions it throws up on social norms and the signaling effect of digital. Let’s take a few specific examples:

  1. If you use an automated scheduling agent (like, mimetic or others), and you receive a calendar request from a “superior”, does punting them off to a bot show disrespect? …

Last night I had the privilege and pleasure to dine with my father’s Surgery Professor, Dr. MS. A legend in every which way, I had heard many stories about him over the years both from my father and his friends from medical school. Every single person, without question, spoke about him in near mythical terms. The distinctive impact this one man had on so many people’s lives — many of whom are outstanding surgeons in their own merit today — is inspirational. And of course, this doesn’t even take into account the countless lives he would’ve saved as a Surgeon…

The last week has been the quintessential startup experience. A part of me felt like I was back in college, which was a ton of fun but at the same took a bit of getting used to.

I’m working with a couple of college kids to build Uniloops (—an application which aims to transform the way college students communicate in groups. Whether it be for study, student clubs and societies, or just general fun, students want to communicate using messaging. But the current group features, primarily in WhatsApp, don’t lend themselves well in the student setting. For example, you need…

McKinsey teams in the overwhelming majority of cases are a crack outfit. If you throw in the high-stakes, long travel and the non-stop pressure, then it’s actually a miracle that these teams function as well as they do. As a startup founder I’m constantly thinking about team performance and more specifically on how to make the decision making process fantastic. I recently spent a little bit of time thinking back to the best McKinsey teams that I had the privilege of being a part of and leading, to put together a short list.

  • The best teams were all non-hierarchical with…

Someone once told me that the single most important trait in successful senior executives is their ability to make decisions. As the founder of a young startup (, I have to make decisions nearly every single moment. It is easily the one task that takes up the most of my mental and emotional energy.

In this series of posts, I want to put down on ‘paper’ examples from my mental quandary which I hope will serve three purposes: (1) help me actually get the thoughts out of my system, (2) allow other founders, friends and the generally helpful folks to…

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