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KNOW is now at a place where we are setting up a hiring “machine” of sorts. Meaning we’re not hiring for 1 person here and there, but we’re trying to hire 5–10 people over the next few months and if our trajectory continues to grow, that hiring pace will only increase.

During this process of interviewing a number of candidates one of the questions I always find a bit annoying is “what is the scope of my role?” (or some variants of that).

Today I came across a HBS graduation speech by Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook) where she narrates a story about her meeting with Eric Schmidt (ex-CEO of Google) while trying to decide which company she should join (early in her career). This is, I think, the perfect career advice out there in reply to the “role” question, esp. …

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In my daily role as Employee #1** of my startup, I have the distinct privilege of working with some smart, really young people — high school interns, college interns, fresh graduates and the like. While there are many different mental leaps they have to make from working on school projects to “professional” work, one of the hardest seems to, counterintuitively, be “asking others”.

I’ll relatively often hear sentences like I’ve been struggling to crack this problem for the last couple of days, or I’m stuck and not sure what to do next. And more often than not, I’ll only hear this when I ask them about progress. In other instances, there maybe a bug or a performance issue and when we dig into it, we’ll see a naive way of implementing something, which has a distinct “school project” feel to it — right from visual design to architecture choice to the software design pattern used (or the lack of it). …

If your Facebook feed is anything like mine, it’s inundated by stories about the terrible things happening in the US, about people leaving for Canada, and even about America’s demise. Doubtless there are some crazy things happening in the US, but I for one believe that the period between the election and now has been one of America’s finest times in recent memory. Think I’m crazy? Let me explain. Let’s start chronologically.

  1. The election. In the first week of November, the US elected without any real chaos (or bloodshed!) a new President. While that in itself is remarkable in many parts of the world, I’ll admit it’s not really earth shattering. Except in this case, despite the amount of vitriol and hatred, and the widespread feeling that the new leader was unambiguously unsuited for the job, the opposition party gracefully handed over power and the new guy took over. (While President Trump didn’t exactly say this, the phrase “don’t hate the playa, hate the game” is extremely apt in response to everyone who complains that he only won the electoral college vote). …


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