How Chromebook is Beneficial for us?

Chromebook is a breed of laptop which run Google Chrome’s OS rather than Windows or Mac OS X. These laptops are designed to be used when there is an active internet connection, with most of the applications and documents living in the cloud. Chromebook does not have a too much on-board storage. Chromebook is very cheap than the other notebooks available in the store.

The low price and long battery has made Chromebook to be adopted by many people especially students. According to a report, Chromebook was on the top in regards of selling in comparison to the Windows notebook sales during the early summer of 2015

So if you are looking for a Chromebook, this guide will help you to purchase the best Chromebook 2017.

Why do you need a Chromebook?
As Chromebooks run on Google Chrome’s OS, they are heavily rely as a guest, you need to have an account on Google if not then you need to create a new google account to log in there in the Chromebook as a guest to have the best experience. Chromebook is designed for those who spend most of their time on internet. It is mostly considered by students.

Chromebooks only supports Google’s apps, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar. This may have both positive and negative impact, depending on how you use your Chromebook. Using Chromebook will be much easier for you if you already use Google’s services for your email, calendar Google’s OS.use and documents. However, if you are not familiar with these services, then it may take some time to get adjusted to

An important thing you should know about Best Chromebooks 2017 are that it does not support popular software applications like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft office suit.But still you would be able to get those works done on Chromebook. Microsoft office, free cloud version of office is available as a series of apps to use on Chromebook and you can use google drive to open and edit documents and spreadsheets.

Using Google Drive, an user presentation will be imported directly into Drive, giving you access to work on these files. power-point document to presentation and spreadsheets and all your old Microsoft documents and text can create everything from

Offline Use
To use Chromebook you need an active internet connection or Wi-fi, which means that many apps will not work if the internet connection or Wi-fi is not active. However, there are more than 200 Chrome apps that can work without internet connectivity, including Gmail, Pocket and Google Drive. Apart from this there are many Android apps coming soon that will also work offline.

Video Games
You can play games on the Chromebook, but you will be limited to the titles available in the Chromebook Store. Casual games like Cut the Rope and Bejeweled are there, but you won’t have the same title selection as you can find on Windows or a Mac. Chromebooks generally have limited Graphics processing power, so the most of the games will not run smoothly on Chromebook.

Battery Life
The battery life of almost all Chromebooks are exceptional. You can use the Chromebook for around 6–8 hours without charging it.