The Big Advantages of Google Chromebook

Chromebook, very similar to traditional laptops is designed for the people who spend most of their time on internet. It supports an operating system call Chrome OS which is very similar to Mac OS.

If you are not familiar with google services like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar etc then it might take some time to be compatible use the Chromebook.

Chromebook is designed to give you better experience while using Chrome browser as compared to other Operating systems. Some of the advantages of using Chromebooks are as follows:

  1. It takes only 6 sec to boot up a chrome device and are the best options for video calling as you can access it quickly
  2. It automatically upgrades to the latest version, you do not worry about upgrading it.
  3. It offers many security features like safe browsing, virus protection, sand boxing, encryption etc which makes user’s experience better.
    It can be managed easily
  4. It is less expensive as compared to the others.
  5. Once you press the power button it is ready to use in 6 seconds.
  6. It has inbuilt virus and malware protection which always keeps you updates to the latest version and protects you from malicious files.
  7. It automatically sync all your apps and password to chrome browser. So, you can use the chrome browser at work, your bookmarks will automatically will sync to Chromebook.
  8. Most of the Chromebooks are portable and can be carried easily.

Chromebooks are available in different screen sizes ranging from 11.6 inch to 15 inches that makes it the best Chromebook 2017. Chromebook support only those apps which are also found at chrome web store. However, Google has announced that very soon android apps will be supported on Chromebook.

Chromebook is mainly designed for educational institutions. It helps in boosting the capabilities of students to learn anything at any place. One of the main thing about Chromebook in making it popular among students are that it is inexpensive.

So if you are a game lover it’s probably not for you because it has many limitation for playing a game in Chromebook. However there are some games with low title that you can enjoy on Chromebook and more games for Chromebook is being developed which might be released in coming few years.