Feb 15 2012 ( as date always matters)

Starting the Medium blog with my first poem that I wrote in my college days…

Here’s my First Attempt at writing a Poem while sitting at Assi Ghat ( though tried to create a bit of humor)

-Trying to start our day with a Sunrise
…we sat moronically on Assi controlling our eyes..

-It seemed however that the sun will never rise
…as fog was constantly playing hide-n-seek with the skies..

-Others at Ghat started their day by bathing & chanting some mantras
…however, we were able to listen to some melodious songs & mandir ghantas..

-The foreigners at Assi weren’t able to control their emotions
…whereas, we were busy talking about movements & motions..

-As I smelled the fog deep inside
…it reminded me of my Beautiful childhood life..

-I also recalled of Cue card no. 2 which I kept last nite under my pillow
…but the chirping of birds conveyed that forget it son, Life is too short to mellow..

-Then some couples were seen after sometime
…again conveying that yesterday was the day of St. Valentine..

-Goosebumps were coming all over my body
…I tried to recognize that were they of ill health or the fear of losing bhaiyya’s bike..

-Never before I saw this type of Sunrise
…which wanted us to come to the Horizon & lose our Life, lose our eyes..

-This time I tried to wipe my tears off my face
…my friend Tarun Bansal beside me asked ” Dude when is the cycle race “?..

-As I turned around to see What was the name of the Ghat?
…some people started laughing hearing the old man’s fart..

-As we changed the location of the ghat
…the fog mixed with the smoke of the Chillam pot..

-We reached again at displacement Zero
…I was searching for another reason, that Why was I unable to become her Hero..

-And Hence I finish my First Poem
…with the Girl next college gone..
…with the Girl next college gone..

Let me know if you liked it or want to give some feedback.


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