…couldn’t control the laughter when I heard the name Lepakshi Temple for the first time. So I thought Depakshi.. … meaning Le (take) Pakshi (bird) .. De(give) Pakshi.

One of the most beautiful processing done by my teacher Preetam Bhai

So, 26th April was Saturday, another day wasted sleeping peacefully, however a small trip to Airlines hotel was done for collecting the Naked Wolves tee.

Pramod and I had a small discussion whether to join the group for Bikers’ Meet at Rasta Cafe or not, the result of that being We’ll See

I told my mother at night, that I can go to a ride tomorrow, don’t know where. But in case you don’t find me in my room early morning then don’t get shocked; and I didn’t tell my father also.

(After watching 127 hours, I feel the need to tell everyone that where I am going)

I needed to experiment with my new SLT camera.

Dozen of times you have to ask yourself- ” Dude, are you seriously ready for a solo trip”.
And, not everyday you realize the quote: “Sangathan me Shakti hai, Akele mein fatti hai”. (meaning Audacious in Unity, Timorous in Solo)

You know what, I saw few Muslims here, in this Hindu temple- Lepakshi.
I think I have witnessed it for the first time. This is Andhra Pradesh and we have a good population of Muslims here as well and they respect the Hindu deities also

‘ It’s quiet here, so peaceful that one can definitely savor Solitude within himself.
Every heartbeat, every eardrum beat, the regular sound made by the pigeon, birds playing and teasing each other through chirping.
The energy vibrations that rise within your body, when one sits peacefully in a temple for sometime.

Trying hard not to sleep while writing this on My Multi-Story Project note book.’

Open air Shiva Parvati Kalyana Mantappam

The moment I enter this area which is full of pillars; the guide is busy describing the statues at each pillars to the visitors

The guide doing his job

“the tranquility that forces you to think the Vision & Mission of your Soul, whether you are in Love or long-lasting Infatuation with the cutest & smartest gal you met in Bangalore, because it is impossible to think of times when I haven’t had a single thought about her”.
Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness.
It took me years to understand that this too was a gift.
-Mary Oliver.

I checked the facebook app to see any new notification, and the first news feed was this quote.

Forces me to realize the fact that things will happen with time, when they are bound to happen; Force will only lead to disaster.

Suddenly I woke out of my thoughts to realize that an old guy asking me whether I have seen the temple or not.
Mr Krishna guides me ( however he was not a guide) and shows the Shiva Parvati Kalyana Mantapam, the holes made by the eyes thrown on the wall, the footprint of Durga and few other things which I forgot.
And then asks me that why didn’t you take the guide from outside

the Tulsi herb

Hanuman Slab

Mr Krishna, the super cool guy

the Open area inside the temple

Sita Amma Padam (footprint)

the holes created by throwing the eyes 530 years back

Then I realized that I should have taken a guide; then I would have been in a better position to drive the blog

Yes, but some things are to be learned with time.

I was worrying about my camera and other items that I had left back there while in a pursuit to give company to the nice old man.

So I said Sayonara to him; a nice hug from him, which kept me wondering that would I do so in their first meeting

Got back to my place and found everything safe, as I couldn’t find even an instance of a monkey (However I was fully prepared to fight)

Clicked some more pics and thought it’s time to get back on the bike and reach home ASAP before I fall asleep on the bike itself.

Namastey to the lovely temple;
and helped an old beggar in filling his water bottle, also gave mine also.

My poor tummy was making silly noises, so it was time to do some good work

After doing some R&D outside I found something edible to eat (3idlis + 1 vada + chutni = 25 bucks)

I jumped on the saddle not in a mood to stop for the next 100kms, but took a pee-break as I got back on the highway

How can one leave Nariyal pani(coconut water) on the highways; luckily found one where we take a detour towards Nandi Hills,
and the poor guy was struggling to get change of 500 for me.
Believe me- that 131 kms was the longest journey of boredom I ever faced.

However, few accomplishments to mention:

Top Speed till date: 145 kmph at 5.30 a.m. on the Bengaluru-Hyderabad Highway
Total Distance: 262kms solo trip in 8 hours.
Fuel Used: 750Rs
Average: 27 kmpl approx