Comparing Rowing Machines and Treadmills

Although rowing machines and treadmills both help lose weight and help you build strength and stamina they are quite different and work in different ways on your body. Below in this article I have covered the main differences between a rowing machine and treadmill in case you can’t decide which one to purchase.

Rowing Machines

When it comes to getting rid of your body fat one fitness equipment that tops most charts is the rowing machine. It is by far one of the most efficient fitness machines you can come across anywhere. Unlike most of the other fitness equipments, rowing machines provide their users with a full body workout. They work on almost every muscle group present in your body. Not only that as far as safety is concerned a rowing machine can be used even by old people since it puts less strain on knees and joints as it keeps your legs level with your body.


Treadmill are also fitness machines that exercise your entire body but they mainly focus on body parts such as waist, hips, upper thigh. Treadmills usually have a padded deck which helps reduce the strain on your knees and joints. The thing you need keep in mind is that although they are safe, treadmills do apply more pressure on your knees and joints as compared to rowing machine and do not have the user weight capacity that a rowing machine has. On the bright sides like rowing machine even treadmills have present programs to help athletes and also newbies workout better.