How Spin Bikes differ from Recumbent Bikes

If you thought Spin bikes and recumbent bikes are not very different you are wrong, they are actually quite different and you should know these difference if you are confused about which one you should buy and in this article I have covered a few differences for you.

The flywheel Difference

The major difference between a spin bike and a recumbent bike lies in theflywheel of the bikes. The flywheel that comes in the top spin bike models like the Keiser M3 are generally quite heavy and can weigh upto 40–50 lbs. Flywheels of recumbent bike is fairly less heavy.

Another big difference that is created due to the flywheel weight is the amount of calories both the bikes help burn. Since spin bike flywheels are heavy and more effort is needed to pedal they obviously help burn more calories than recumbent bikes.

One thing you should keep in mind if you are beginner is that exercising with heavy flywheel spin bikes can be difficult initially and that is why many of the beginners prefer to get a recumbent bike instead at least for the few initial months. For workout experts a spin bike is definitely the fitness machine they should opt for.

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