I don’t take part in protests partly because I’m old and don’t want to expose myself to crowds and COVID-19. Partly because I don’t believe they work to advance lasting change. All the trite ads from corporations offering “support” are laughable.

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Education is a powerful tool. Citizens in many developing countries don’t have access to that tool. Developed nations know that many fall through gaps in their education systems.

Through a different lens.

Designed by Kris Keppeler

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I reached down to pick up my purple fitbit wristband Friday morning and it wasn’t there. I turned my gym bag inside out and searched the car but no fitbit. Oh shoot, I left it at the gym, I thought. On Saturday, I called the gym but it wasn’t in lost and found.

The nicest smelling rose ever

I’m generally allergic to fragrant plants. Our beautiful yellow rose bush is an exception. I take a whiff every time I walk by. And yes, I’m treating the black spot on it’s leaves.

Lonely unwanted blue chair. Personally I’m partial to the color.

I could furnish a small apartment with all the items our neighborhood kicks to the curb with a free sign on it. Sometimes the sign is missing but everyone assumes it’s free.

Hair band keeps my neck and face free of sweaty strands and would make the Wicked Witch of the West proud.

One of my favorite trees in spring

Spring is Pinking Out All Over

Don’t get dressed up for my workouts at the gym and don’t care what I look like.

I’m a malt kind of girl living in an IPA world. I love
German beer and stouts with hints of chocolate. My IBU limit is 50.

I despise bitter beer. Grapefruit accents in my white wine are welcome in the summer. Beer with hints of grapefruit is never okay, ever.

Guys who would never dream of drinking grapefruit juice go bonkers over beer which makes you pucker. I don’t get it. Maybe they’re related to those gin and tonic devotees.

I’m a whiskey drinker, and my favorite is Scotch. I tried a gin and tonic, once. Once was enough. I have to say I prefer my liquor smokey and mellow, never tart.

I’ll just hope this IPA mania blows over eventually. In the meantime, to keep from swallowing nasty bitter beer, I assume I never met an IPA I liked.

Kris Keppeler

Writer, audiobook narrator, actor, and passionate podcaster. I love narrating podcasts and audiobooks and connecting with other writers and authors.

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