Funny Money, Lead Tacos and Wayward Beavers

Here are my thoughts on the Does This Happen to You moments in news from around the world this week.

The designers of the $5 Australian bill are definitely wishing themselves elsewhere. Their design which features pastel colors, a bird, and little yellow whiskery stalks, drew the ire of social media. The most popular description is clown puke, followed by vomit. I don’t think it’s that bad. I like pastels colors. The yellow whiskery things are weird. It will definitely discourage counterfeiters. Who in their right mind is going to attempt to copy that design.

California is going backwards due to the drought. Ecologists want to reintroduce beavers to the central coast. The state almost wiped them out, now they want them back. Beaver dams conserve water and keep the ground moist. Trouble is no one remembers where beavers originally lived on the central coast. We need to take better notes next time we wipe out a species. Better yet, we need to realize Mother Nature is a way better designer than any engineer.

California is also the center of the newest road rage incident, food truck rage. A taco stand on wheels received multiple gunshots to the body. Apparently, the customers couldn’t be bothered to post a rant on Yelp, finding it more expedient to take out their shotgun. We will never know if the tacos just taste bad or the picante sauce is not 5 stars but only 3 stars spicy.

What’s your Does This Happen to You moment?


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