It’s Raining Grandpa

Grandpa Braun demanded a Viking funeral. When he passed away at 92 years old, his children decided to fulfill his wish. 
 Loading a pontoon boat with gasoline, wood and old fireworks, they strapped Grandpa to it. Lit the kindling on fire and pushed the floating funeral pyre onto the local lake. 
 Skillful at fulfilling wishes, his family failed at calculating what happens when bottle rockets and gas meet at high temperatures. 
 The floating crematorium exploded in a ball of flame, vaporizing the boat but not all of their grandpa.
 The roar disturbed the fish, and the neighbors and bits of grandpa rained down on boaters enjoying the lake. The local authorities displeased with the made to order funeral, issued a hefty penalty for the mess, noise, and illegally feeding the fish.

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