Before you PUBLISH A Book!!

First of all you need to know that self publishing is a big scam.

Big companies like iUniverse and only want your money. I have interviewed many people that were conned into the self publishing world. There are always endless additional hidden costs. is the most expensive and unreliable eBook self publishing company in the world.

Most of these companies will charge you thousands of dollars to promote your book and in the end you sell zero units. Don’t be fooled by these scam companies. They promise you the world and they end up doing nothing………………………DON’T SELF PUBLISH!

I instead make sure your book is truly worth publishing. Be honest with yourself. Just because you like writing, that does not make you an author.

  • You must have a unique style of writing, like J.K. Rowling or Stephen King.
  • Your story must sell.
  • Your language skills must me impeccable.
  • You need to Draw in your reader.
  • Your choice of words must stand out.
  • Great captivating storyline.
  • You must write what you know about.
  • Your mind has to be creative and innovative.
  • Write compelling chapters.

After you are sure you want to publish your book send it to traditional publishing Houses like Random House or other reputed publishing companies. Once they have accepted your book, they will pay for every thing you need and they will pay for all the media publicity that is needed.

Knock on every single door until your book is approved.

Never stop believing in yourself. Never stop until you get what you want.

Why should you have to pay a single cent to be heard? They should pay you.

90 percent of self published books never see the light of day.

Act now…. Follow your dreams and never ever give up.

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