How to become really Rich, and be debt free.

People always ask me how I became exceedingly rich.

Well let me reveal to you the real secrets to wealth.

First of all if you are in debt the only solution is to pay back the money slowly.

Every month put aside some money to pay off you’re debts.You must realize that you can’t be a slave to debt.

After a weeks or months when you become debt free you feel lighter and more in control of your life.

If you are a shopping addict you must WAKE UP. Credit on your credit cards does not mean Free money. Get rid of all your credit cards. Leave only one for travel and emergencies. No one can stop you from changing your bad habits but yourself.

Ask yourself if you are man. Do I really need this watch? Can I afford it? Or will I be in debt again?

If you are woman, ask yourself, Do I really need this Gucci bag or those expensive shoes? Can I afford it or will I regret it later?

To become rich is to really have a good relationship with money. You must not squander your money away.

Start saving enough money so you have the amount of 10 thousands dollars. Then really search and find the best bank that gives you the highest interests then block that money and watch it grow.

Apart from your job, start opening your mind to real restate. How do you think Oprah Winfrey and made our fortune? Real estate.

Take an online course about real estate. Get a good life coach. Just for month and learn everything from them.Don’t throw all your money Away on a life coach. One month with suffice.

Become money savvy by not working hard but by working smart. So many people work so hard and are still poor.

Think outside the box. Get another part time job that pays well. If you are really knowledgeable about a certain topic, then why not self publish a book with or another cheap company that will aid you in succeeding. And watch your money grow.

Think about opening up your own business, whether its online or in a building.

Always think of creative and innovative ideas. When you stop working your mind, that is when you perish.

Never let anyone make you think that you are not worthy enough to follow your dream.

It is only when we are truly happy with what we are doing that unexpected good luck comes our way.

And even if you are not wealthy, always donate money. The amount is not important. Because to give is to receive…