Most Serial Killers are white males, age 23 to 40. Seventy percent of them are surprisingly good looking. Serial killers are very smart, very charming, and manipulative.

They are very good at stalking their victims. Every act is premeditated. Every kill is well contrived.

In the 80s, the deadliest decade, the most famous and notorious serial killers like Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, and many more were very active.

The unspeakable acts they did to their victims were very unforgettable.

What turns on a serial killer is the torturing and death of another human being.

Serial killers can be straight, homosexual, or bisexual.

These deviant decadents only enjoy you suffer and die. Some enjoy raping dead corps. A lot ofthem were necrophiliacs and cannibals. The Zodiac killer was a different kind of breed. He would stalk couples in their cars and then shoot them dead. He was never caught and died of old age.

Every serial killer has a pattern that he does not stray from. The Boston stranger, the Alphabet Killer all had patterns.

Are all these serial killers mentally ill? Or are some just pure evil?

There is a fine line between science and religion. Not all serial killers are crazy. Jeffrey Dahmer was completely normal. He was not schizophrenic or bipolar, he was just pure evil.

Charles Manson is not crazy. He is one of Satan’s disciples.

My uncle is the biggest neuro brain surgeon in Sweden, said that the mind is too complicated for our time. Psychology is still abstract and it would take us at least 200 years to understand the mind better.

Now we have DNA and advanced police technology so it’s harder for serial killers not to get caught quickly.

That does not mean that serial killers are no longer active.

In fact there are more serial killers now then ever before.

But now they hide behind their laptops or computers and create fake names, photos, and accounts and try to get their victims that way.

Facebook now has a tarnished reputation. There are so many fake accounts were serial killers pose as hot teen boys or girls and lure their victims to their desired place.

Dating sites and apps have now a terrible reputation.

Watch out! The internet is a gateway to all kinds of serial killers. Some of them are so smart that they use softwares to hide their IP address so they can be untraceable.

Nowadays most serial killers are active online. There are endless horrid cases of missing girls, boys, women, and men.

Know one thing, all a serial killer wants is your dead corpses.

Be really careful online. They are very charming and so sweet. They love to shower you with complements.

Investigate them. Run a background check on them.

Ask a private investigator to run a facial recognition on them. In most cases they are not who they say they are. They have fake aliases. To know their real name and if they previously had a criminal record always ask someone in the police or a private investigator to do a facial recognition on them

In conclusion, always never let your guard down for one second and trust no one. Your family member or neighbour might be the next Ted Bundy and you don’t even have a clue about it. Trust your true instincts and when something is too good to be true, then it usually is.