I Want To Start A Podcast.

I started listening to podcasts just a few weeks ago. David Dobrik and Jason Nash are two of my favorite youtubers and they recently came out with a podcast called Views. It’s just a chill, funny, kind of “behind the scenes” thing. They’re hilarious and I’ve definitely become a big fan of their comedic styles, so of course I enjoy just listening to them. In early July, Stevie Ryan passed away. I remember her from the early Vh1 days, doing skits, mainly making fun of the Kardashians. I haven’t kept up with her but I was so saddened yet intrigued to find out that she had committed suicide. I later found out she had a podcast about mental illness called, Mentally Ch(ill) with Kristen Carney.

The purpose of their podcast is to share their stories about dealing with depression and anxiety on a day to day basis. That instantly attracted me because I can strongly identify with them being that I suffer from both depression and anxiety. The age difference, the race difference, the demographic is all different but the things they face day to day are extremely similar to my situation. I’m upset at myself that it took Stevie’s death for me to find out about the podcast. I’m currently on episode 8 out of 12 and I keep thinking about how emotional the last one will be just because I know Kristen recorded that one without Stevie and she said she cried and this is a run on sentence but I’m just really emotional okay.

Besides that, I have been inspired to start a podcast. I did my research on what it requires, what I have to do before I can get mine up on iTunes. Let me tell you, I hopped on that artwork so fast and I’m pretty much decided on the picture and name above. I obviously want to email the artist before I officially use it and his credit is still included at the bottom which is important to me. At the same time I’m stuck on things like RSS feeds which I need to figure out in order to even upload an episode. I don’t have the funds to get a recorder or audio software so I need to learn about GarageBand which is the most convenient for me to use. I started a Youtube and this feels like the same thing just more complicated. I gave up on Youtube but mainly because it’s like I need content to film which I can’t produce but audio seems more doable.

Hopefully I get my shit together.

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