Decomposing a scam ICO #scamico
Victor Figol

Hi Victor,

I’m the founder of Monaco and Foris (the company that built the Monaco app).

The reading time for this post is estimated at 2 minutes and judging by the content, the writing time was shorter. I think you should at least do some basic fact-checking before calling serious companies a scam. We have spent a year to build the product. It was a full-on effort of a very capable team with proven track record. We’ve got serious heavy-hitters on our advisory board. The community loves what we’re doing and quickly got behind us: we’ve got 1,700+ contributors to our project now. I encourage you to find out more about the company before pressing “Publish” next time. It’s really not that difficult. A good starting point would be to join our slack channel at, you’re cordially invited.

Best of luck with Sonotap.


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