After watch Design Distruptors #1

When at first time i heard name “ Design Distruptors ” it sounds like raptor, dinosaur or maybe something pre-historic thing for me. Then i imagine lot of dinosaur in my mind. My favourite is T-Rex.

Yeah, its weird maybe but honestly its funny playing something like that. Try to looking the meaning of some word by how its spell. Hahahaha… 
Forget it :D

If you curious what is “ Design Distruptor “, check this page : 
Design Distruptors.

Here what is in my mind after watched Design Distruptor yesterday.

“ Time by time design is develop, then distrup “

Honestly its very inspiring, lot of deep understanding about design i got yesterday. Everything in this world is designed and has his own structure. For example like how bee build their awesome nest. Bee not just make their nest something like abracadra and pofff its done. Every part of the nest is designed by the fuction, something like room for queen, worker, tunnels and other.

Imagine that at first time, you saw nest of the bee at your backyard. At the begining its just small nest ( designed for small population bee ). And after a few month you will surprised that nest become twice bigger. We call it as distruption. Design is alwasy develop time by time because of need and fucntion its self. Like nest of bee, after few month, bee need more space because of increasing the number population, also need more strong nest that can hold everything.

How about in our life ?
Let’s imagine how people rent house or room in the past, its something like make a call, then we ask details of the room, then we imagine how the room look like.

Then moving forward on Internet period with website,some picture of the room, but we still need to make a call for book the room.

Then AirBnB distrup it, make it more easier and handle all the way how we make a book in the past. Thats how design work taking part based on people experience and always develop time by time. And we know its also happen on all part of our life, how we buy food, rent a car and how we buy some stuff.

We have new way on how buy our stuff now.