Strange Conversation with Strange Uncle in Strange Situation

It was started in a strange situation. Led into a meeting with stranger the “Uncle”. Resulted to a strange conversation.

Strange Situation

Funeral Home. What a strange place for me. Really, all of things about being in Funeral Home even just a 15 minutes-visit can crack my curiosity to start question everything. Say, “Deep Condolences Bro” what is da meaning of that ? really ? Do I feel the “condolences” deeply? Do I really feel loss for his or her loss ? Because in fact, I do not even know about his or her relatives who just passed away. Even, I barely know the first name of him or her. Do I really sorry because I do know his or her feeling? Nope, I am not in his or her shoe. So how come ?

Offensive ? No, It happen to all of us. As a matter of fact, I can say the phrase “deep condolences” is just some comforting chit-chat that we say to someone just to make ourselves feel “human” and “polite”.

That is why for me, a Funeral Home-Visit, is a strange situation. What time should I spent ? too fast ? 15 minutes more ? What topic should I talk? Should I be sad ? or should I cheer everybody? It always knocks my curiosity.

strange uncle and strange conversation

Tsk. I need something to chew. No gum. No candy. Oh Neptune, why ? wait, there are peanuts. Tons of peanuts. Not bad. Let’s grab some, on the corner table. So It can feed my mind, despite of it being grumbling all the time. Chewing always help my mind to find peace. At least.

Walk. Grab. Let’s smile to the old man that sit behind the desk. Is he trying to talk to me? Just smile, and grab more, i need more.

“Temennya Gideon ya ?”

“ Iya om, hehehe” *grab more peanuts*

“jurusan apa ?”

“bisnis om”

“udah mau lulus ?”

“semester 6 om, hehehe”

“sini duduk, dulu yok, om mau ngobrol”

At this moment, I was like “wut du yu want from me, man ?” I just want peanut. All right, just a few chit chat, I have nothing to do anyway.

Let’s call him Uncle Rock.

Not that rock. I mean this one :

He is kind of bald. Got tanned. Quite in Shape. At least, this is my first impression of him. Well, at least this is my imagination of his face, when I think I grabbed peanuts rudely.

It turns out, when we have long chat, here is a “more likely” representative of him :

We got a long talk. What he was asking me is simple.

  • What young guys are up to these days ?

I am not really sure. Money ? Cars ? Gadget ? Stuff. Fancy stuff. That was what I replied him.

What I ask him is simple too.

  • What the future is like ? How about business that prospect for years to come ?

Nothing. I know nothing. People know nothing. Everyone know naught. Stocks do not really guarantee profit, technologies absolutely developing fast, but not stable. Food. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, people will always eat food. Food is promising. Fnb it is.

Is not it extremely red ocean ?

Yeah, it is . try to find different style of Fnb, or event RTE, like military “ready to eat” meal and so.

Clock was ticking. I got full of peanuts and talks. Almost all of my friends and colleagues were left. Before we leave, me and uncle Rock. I ask him about two last advise. What he was going to answer is crystal clear simple.

  • Careful about God
  • Careful about Spouse.

I do know these things are important, but they way he mention these simple things are as the “last advise” make me even wonder about what I have done these whole years.

In the end, I ask him about his name card. He answered :

“I do bring mine, but I don’t want to give it to you.”

“Why ?”

“ If we will meet, we will meet again.”


Finally, he just say :

and leave me hanging like :

That is it Folks, in the mean time i will keep writing, and here is oreo.

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