The Six Monster you’ll have as roommates

May be one of the most legendary YouTube channel is Collegehumor. One evening, I just browsed through their old videos and I found the best video they cast, “The Six Monster you’ll have as roommates”. I thought I have watched this video like a year ago, but it’s still funny anyway. Another video joking about college-life, and various type of roommates with humor story-telling. Your kind of mates likes the zombie, the one that never clean up their room. The vampire that always get a new victim every month or even weeks. or even the ghost, the one that never show their existence. What an interesting life as a college-student, having roommates that are annoying yet unforgettable moments. I wish I have that kind of folks. Wait, is not it 2017 ?

Hell yea, now is 2017, and I still feel I just finished my high school, just break-up with my ex after years FREAKING attached, grumbling about wearing t-shirt is not okay in university, and so on. That feeling is just like happen yesterday. Guess what, now less than 1 year I am going to be freaking graduated from a university which I still dont know what i am really studying these whole years. Really. It is like time-lapse. And about the six monster, I am actually having them like from the very first time I moved to Jakarta. I even sometimes forget about my roommates.Oh dear, many things happen.


My point is, I am not regretting anything or I never say “I wish, I wish now can be like the old time”. In fact, I am really happy. I have past these tiring years. I am older now. Finally. I got something for my CV.

Time lapse does happen. It does. So, what should we do about that ? Well, I guess folks will say do planning, study better, get a decent job, live-well, save enough money, wait for 401(k), that is it. They are right. At least, for most people.

But for me, What I learn is :

Enjoy your Six Monster.

Really, enjoy them. And by the Six Monster, I mean not just about the roommates, but everything that is happening right now. Hanging around with your gang, enjoy the Quiz, paper, exam, meeting, the douche-bags, suckers and stuff. Because these stuff, are the monsters that i have as my roommates for now. And only 1 year left, I get to hang with them. At least I want to make some memories with my monsters:)

That is it Folks, in the mean time i will keep writing, and here is oreo.

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