You give not a single example, not one, of how David’s advice could cause harm to anyone.
Tristan Luke

You give not a single example, not one, of how David’s advice could cause harm to anyone.

Except where I talked about how all his fearmongering posts could discourage people seeking proper medical treatment. But if you want some more concrete examples of the type of advice Wolfe gives being harmful:

  1. A child who died because his mother didn’t believe in conventional medicine and so didn’t take him to the doctors.
  2. Another child who died because his parents wouldn’t take him to hospital even though a nurse friend warned them it could be meningitis. He suffered for two weeks before dying, while being “treated” with maple syrup and other “natural remedies”.
  3. Two children have died of measles in the UK since 2006, neither had been vaccinated. Here’s Wolfe promoting a classic and widely-debunked anti-vax theory which has caused vaccination rates to drop leading to outbreaks of a preventable disease.
  4. A woman who nearly died after undergoing a “detox cleanse”, the type of thing you might seek out if you had been told that you absolutely needed to detox ASAP.
  5. A woman who spent $77,000 on baking soda-based treatments, which Wolfe also promotes. She may well have died anyway but the expensive treatments and false hope caused unnecessary suffering and hardship for her and her family.
Just look at propylene glycol, [… a] dangerous carcinogen, that cause skin irritation even topically, let alone what it does to your cells and organs.

Your claim that propylene glycol is a carcinogen appears to be incorrect per the CDC.

It’s true that PG can cause skin irritation for some people but that doesn’t necessarily make it bad for everyone. Some people have deadly peanut allergies, but we understand that they’re fine for most people.

Topical application of a substance is different to ingestion, and any PG absorbed metabolises in the body to water and carbon dioxide.

The FDA allows a shocking 5 grams per kilogram of body weight: the highest in the industrialized world.

Do you have a reliable citation for that claim please? I have been able to find allowable percentages by weight in food but not an allowable rate per kg of body weight. At any rate, “the highest in the industrialized world” doesn’t indicate anything— allowable levels are usually far lower than a recognised safe level, so the FDA allowing a bit more than another country doesn’t necessarily mean the FDA’s allowed level is dangerous.

The number of people who die a year because of […] the medical and pharmaceutical industries is shocking.

You seem to assume I think industry or regulatory bodies are perfect. Far from it, which is why I’m actively involved in campaigning and lobbying for transparency, good science and strong evidence.

The evidence-based sword cuts both ways — it is possible to agree that the pharmaceutical industry can commit indecent acts while still recognising that evidence-based medicine is our best understanding of how to cure disease and disavow people who ignore evidence and promote unproven methods.

It’s clear he just wants to be of help.

I’d be happy to give him the benefit of the doubt here. In the same way I know the medical industry isn’t perfect, I also know Wolfe isn’t a total monster. I haven’t claimed he is. If he stopped arguing against huge, strong bases of evidence such as those for genetically engineered food and concentrated on encouraging evidence-based healthy diets and lifestyles I wouldn’t have a problem with him.

I have never once observed David […] suggest he has the proprietary cure or solution to the issuess he rightly points out.

I didn’t say he had, but anyway you are missing the point. The article is centred around how he promotes and benefits from an ecosystem of fear, which is undeniable.

No ever lifted themselves up by trying to bring others down, by the way. Very cheap method.

Says the guy who so far has accused me of “projecting some strange darkness […] and an equally strange agenda”, of being jealous, and “projecting” onto Wolfe. Anyway, I’m not trying to bring myself up, just help people realise that Wolfe isn’t just the “memes and inspirational quotes guy” many people think he is.

I’m sure you’ve had no effect on DW’s life at all, nor mine.

That’s fine, that wasn’t my goal anyway. I have no desire to tell you how to live your life, I genuinely hope it brings you happiness if that’s what you want to do. The intended audience of the article is the people who don’t know the full nature of Wolfe’s operations and may be unwittingly helping to promote ideologies they don’t agree with.

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