What!? You are clearly projecting some strange darkness of your own, and an equally strange agenda.
Tristan Luke

I’m sure he’s charming in person, and at no point have I doubted his enthusiasm.

However, he is either misguided or unscrupulous and seems happy to give out advice which could cause real harm to the people taking it. Don’t forget, he has no relevant accredited qualifications in either nutrition or medicine.

Remember that those free seminars will probably still be making him money via sponsorships, web advertisements and the like. Just because you don’t pay for it, doesn’t mean Wolfe is giving it away for free. He is a salesman whichever way you look at it.

As for food and medicine we have large bases of evidence that show the opposite. A good example of this is genetically engineered food which Wolfe is vehemently against despite many studies showing safety and the huge potential benefits, such as reduced pesticide usage, higher yields and better profits for farmers, particularly in the developing world, not to mention the possibility of vitamin fortification, spoil resistance and the like.

To be clear – no agenda or darkness, just a desire to avoid people being misled or harmed.

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