I’m Making an Album (Part 1/2)
Rob Clouth

YES! I really can’t wait to hear/see how you approach these concepts and create new compositional methods to handle them. I feel the world of sound as generated by applied science, non-linear mathematics, fractal / iterative processes, and chaotic / stochastic processes are often explored in a dry scientific sense and not from the same vantage point of someone who is genuinely curious and in love with sound (and not to mention with access to Funktion1 sound systems). While I love the visual representation of these processes — I find sound to be much more engaging and impactful and sadly there is so much less of it available.

When I lay back and dream I envision truly fractal waveforms using the partials of the overtone series, Cantor dusts as noise source, and using analog electronic models of squid axons arranged in a neural nets to generate and process sound. (this is a reality thanks to Andrew of NonLinearCircuits)

ps I second the Godel Escher & Bach recommendation — The explanation of how Kurt Godel used the underlying symbolic structure of mathematics to craft his incompleteness theorum completely changed how I think about mathematics as a whole. I also love David Foster Wallaces — Everything and More, and tracking down a copy of Benoit Mandelbrots — Fractal Geometry of Nature is worth the effort if you have not already read it. Keep it coming, Rob!