In-Depth Guide to Ashe


This is your standard set, I wouldn’t substitute Heal or Flash for anything.

FLASH — Your go-to summoner for almost every champion and for someone like Ashe who has no escape, it is a must have. Remember, you can use this offensively but doing so can put you out of position and leave you with no escape so be aware of who is where.

HEAL — The main ADC spell to pair with Flash. Great when dueling enemies or surviving against long range abilities. It can also speed you up if you are getting ganked. Importantly, this not only works on yourself but it can on an ally that is close to you (mainly your support) and help keep them alive in lane.

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9x +0.95 attack damage
9x +1.34 magic resist
9x +1 armor
3x +4.5% attack speed

This is your standard set, I would not make any changes apart from the Glyphs. If you wish, you can exchange the Magic Resist for flat Attack Speed (5.76%). This will boost your damage overall but make you weaker in lane against ability harass and later on in team fights. Also, you can choose per level Magic Resist instead of flat if you expect little harass in lane.

Mathematically, at level 9 you will have 12.96 Magic Resist gained for per level Glyphs, so that is where the benefits will start to kick in. While calculating I noticed that it says “+3 at champion level 18”. Keep in mind that this value has been rounded up from 2.88 so it isn’t 27 at level 18, it is 25.92. All the values above have been calculated and not rounded; it isn’t a big difference but I wanted to show the actual values instead of their rounded counterparts.

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MASTERIES — 18/12/0


Fury — Ashe is auto attack based so Fury > Sorcery.
Double Edged Sword — Will provide more damage in exchange for taking more. Feast is still viable in some cases.
Vampirism — Gives extra sustain in lane and throughout the game.
Oppressor — Since Ashe has slows on her auto attacks it will always trigger.
Battering Blows — Ashe is AD based so Battering Blows > Piercing Thoughts.
Fervor of Battle — Provides a mid/late game surge in damage.

Savagery — Will make last hitting in lane easier, Wanderer is for roaming champions.
Secret Stash — Helps with sustain in lane, Runic Affinity is for junglers, while Assassin is for solo laners.
Merciless — Extra damage to help finish off low champions, you won’t have mana problems unless you spam.
Dangerous Game — Kills and assists will gain health and mana. Bandit is mainly for supports.

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Frost Shot (Passive)

•Frost Shot cause targets to be slowed.
•If a target is affected by Frost Shot it deals extra damage based on Critical Chance/Damage.
•Ashe’s critical strikes no longer deal additional damage, instead, they double the slow of Frost Shot.

Ranger’s Focus (Q)

•Basic attacks gain a charge of Focus, once you reach 4 it can be activated and consumed.
•You cannot gain Focus while the ability is active, however, it has no cooldown.
•Activating this ability grants bonus attack speed and causes Ashe’s attack to change into a flurry of five arrows.
•While activated, Ashe still benefits from Frost Shot and on-hit effects only trigger once.

Volley (W)

•Ashe fires 9 arrows in a cone shape.
•Enemies can be hit by more than one arrow but only takes damage from the first.
•Volley now critically strikes applying double the slow of Frost Shot.

Hawkshot (E)

•Based on charges with a maximum of 2.
•Range is global.
•Will grant sight along it’s path and reveals an area at the end of its destination.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R)

•Ashe fires a projectile that will shatter on the first enemy champion hit.
•The champion hit will be stunned, the duration depends on how far the arrow has traveled.
•Surrounding champions will also take half the damage and be slowed.

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Starting Items

Doran’s Blade — Your standard start on Ashe.

Health Potion — Remember your Health Potions are now this thanks to Secret Stash, get more on your first few backs.

Warding Trinket — Don’t forget to buy this before you leave base, change to Blue Trinket at level 9.

Core Items

Beserker’s Greaves — Get this after Infinity Edge or Essence Reaver and Runnan’s Hurricane.

Infinity Edge — Your main source of damage on Ashe. Since you don’t critically strike like other champions the passive works a little different. For example, this will add 20% to the additional damage of Frost Shot and another 50% of the total crit chance is added, so 30% in total. This is the same for all other items that give crit chance, it if gives 30% then another 15% is added, so 45% in total, thanks to this passive.

Runnan’s Hurricane— The extra bolts from this item apply Frost Shot and Ranger’s Focus (if activated) but it does not allow you to gain Focus 3 times in one attack.

Essence Reaver — This will provide 30% CDR when combined with Runnan’s Hurricane and gives added mana on attacks, chase and initiation. Whether you get this first or Infinity Edge will depend from game to game. Infinity Edge is more damage orientated and is harder to build, while Essence Reaver is more poke orientated and gives you an early 30% CDR.


Scimitar — I feel this is a lot better than Bloodthirster because it provides the almost the same damage, some lifesteal, but most importantly, the QSS active. In some cases you will just want to build QSS first and finish the rest later because as mentioned above lifesteal can be skipped.

Bloodthirster — A great item for damage and sustain. If you feel you do not need to rely on the QSS active then go for this as it provides high damage and lifesteal, as well as a shield if you attack at full HP.

Blade of the Ruin King — This item is just not as good as it used to be. Even against teams stacking health, Dominik’s Resolve can do the job this item would have but it can still have its uses.