In-Depth Guide to Viktor


FLASH is a must for literally every scenario, it’s your bread and butter, and Viktor is heavily reliant on his flash for Defensive (Until Zhonya’s Hourglass is acquired), as well as Offensive capabilities. *SEE FURTHER USES OF FLASH IN THE ZED MATCHUP SECTION*

IGNITE is a great addition to Viktor’s Arsenal, his burst is complimented well by incorporating Ignite into the combo. You will find yourself needing a bit more in a good amount of your matchups. If you are feeling confident against a certain enemy the Ignite will be a powerful choice.

HEAL, even after the nerf to the duration of the movement speed buff is still a very viable option, it provides defense through a generous amount of health restoration, as well as allowing Viktor a brief window of opportunity for displacement via the movement speed boost, helping him in evading enemy Skillshots and Ultimates. A great example of this is the Ultimate of Ziggs.


BARRIER is useful in many cases where the flow of damage is controlled (Expected), which means that it is perfect for negating the Ultimate of Zed as well as dealing with the pesky time bombs of Zilean. A well timed barrier can completely kill the burst from Malzahar.

EXHAUST is a great tool for dealing with high mobility, high burst assassins, it is extremely useful in this current meta, since we see a rise in Assassins in the midlane. Exhaust’s value increases exponentially as the game progresses, simply because it works with percentages, which means that it is not a fixed value, like Heal and Barrier are, but it works with the stats of your Enemies. Zed, Talon, Yasuo. These are only a few of the many champions that Exhaust counters, Champions like these dominate the ladders of popularity in SoloQ these days.

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9x +0.87 magic penetration
6x -0.09% cooldowns per level
9x +1.33 health per level
3x +4.95 ability power


x9 Scaling HP Yellows are baseline for pretty much any non-AD matchup, they provide great value at the moment when the enemy midlaner APs have a lot of kill potential post 6, after that it’s just added benefits.

x9 flat Armor Yellows for matchups like Zed / Talon.


x3 flat Magic Resist (Greater Glyph of Magic Resist) and x6 Scaling CDR against matchups like LeBlanc/Ahri, you can also add a bit more Flat or Scaling MR if you feel threatened by their all-in post 6.

If you want to go for full damage, try out Scaling AP per level and a few CDR per level.


x9 Greater Mark of Magic Penetration +0.87 always.


You will generally always go with the “Greater Quintessence of Ability Power” +4.95.

x2 “Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed” and x1 “Greater Quintessence of Ability Power” is worth experimenting with if you want to rely a bit more on mobility, this combo also works great for toplane Viktor, however, I wouldn’t really recommend picking up Movement Speed Quints since the buffs to the Ghost Summoner Spell are pretty big and it will most likely become Core in the majority of cases.


The reason why it’s not worth experimenting with Hybrid Pen runes is that the only time that you will go in for an auto attack (all the way from early to late game) is when you trade with your Q.

Viktor’s Q converts your entire auto attack damage into magical damage on your next attack, then adds a generous amount of your AP as bonus damage, transforming it into one super-charged Sheen. This is Viktor’s highest instant damage source from one cast and it consists entirely of MAGIC DAMAGE.

This is why full spell-pen runes are superior and it is wise to stack on them.

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MASTERIES — 12/18/0

Masteries such as Feast and Double-Edged Sword can be swapped out, same applies to Oppressor and Bounty Hunter, please refer to the *Season 6 Masteries* section for full coverage!

Bounty Hunter and Oppressor are interchangeable, Viktor has an easy time killing people in general, so only after 3 unique kills you will be able to have a stronger value than that of the Oppressor ON DEMAND, without any prerequisites and requirements. Bounty Hunter is superior in my eyes.

1 point in Meditation is more than enough, the difference between Bounty Hunter and Oppressor on 4 kills or more will be more than enough to fill in the gap.

Precision IS stronger than Intelligence in terms of raw damage output, however, they are both interchangeable and strongly depend on your personal playstyle.

Thunderlord’s Decree is still the most viable option for Viktor.

Deathfire Touch is good only in the lategame and in huge cluttered teamfights, getting good value from Deathfire Touch is very hard and situational, it will have almost no impact on your early and midgame.

With the changes to the BLUE BUFF, Runic Affinity is quite appealing, Assassin is also great if you’re going to do solo actions and assassinations across the map or cleaning up a teamfight or skirmish after your teammates are dead. This means that all three masteries on Tier 2 from the Cunning tree are interchangeable and I would be inclined to pick up Runic Affinity if I have a manaless jungler or a jungler that in general does not require a Blue Buff in order to be successful in his game and how much he contributes to the team.

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In literally every single scenario you will want to max out the Death Ray first, it is Viktor’s iconic ability, providing you with a great psychological advantage (I will explain how that works further into the guide), as well as one of, if not THE BEST, wave clearing methods in the entire game once you’ve acquired Perfect Hex Core. The Death Ray can also be used for scouting Brushes from a safe distance, since it has the function of revealing areas shrouded in the fog of war, this is helpful against incoming invades.

Contrary to popular belief, the Death Ray, is actually MORE efficient to take at level one in terms of trading with your opponent. The main goal for you as a Viktor player is to optimize the spending of your Mana, you would generally strive to hit your opponent as well as a good portion of his minion wave. Truly, as far as value for mana goes, the Death Ray is superior to the Q, because it will not only do damage to your oponent, but it will also do damage to his wave. Your opponent will soon realize that he is losing the battle for level 2, where you will solidify your lead with the great 1v1 trading capability of the new Q after the rework once you reach level 2.

You will pick the Gravity Field on level 3 in most cases, UNLESS you know the whereabouts of the enemy jungler, in that case you can safely put another point in Death Ray, since that will help you out even more with your wave clear.

It is risky to pick up the E on level 3, because you will be vulnerable to ganks, however, it is quite desirable. Be sure to use your trinket ward properly.

The Gravity Field itself serves its main purpose regardless of the rank of the skill, so there is no actual need of prioritizing it over the Death Ray or even the Siphon Power.

Siphon Power is a great way to trade early, because the Auto+Q+Auto combo does considerable damage and the Shield that you get helps out quite a bit in mitigating the enemy’s counter-attack. Viktor usually comes on top in almost every matchup with his level 2 trades, use that to your advantage. Picking up Q on level 1 vs LeBlanc in particular is mandatory, your trades are quite a bit stronger on level 1 and 2.

Level your ultimate immediately whenever it is available.

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You would generally want to start with a Doran’s Ring and 2 Biscuits (Health Potions). Since in almost all of your matches you would want to push the lane and establish an early game dominance.

Abyssal Scepter is an awesome first item because for many reasons, it’s strong vs bad ap matchups, has very good radius on the aura effect, now provides CDR, great value for the gold.

Morello as a second item pickup after the Rylai’s is quite formidable against teams that do not have a tanky lineup and are not building huge amounts of MR, the added CDR as well as 100AP on the buffed Morello, on top of the lower than the average price for an item of that caliber make it a very desirable purchase. Proceed into either a Void Staff or Rabadon, regardless of which one you need first you should take them both in no particular order.

When Zhonya’s is absolutely needed you can sacrifice the Lich Bane, since the power of the Q has shifted more towards the missile’s damage, rather than forcing you to rely on the empowered attack.