10 Peter Thiel-Esque Business Ideas

Basically Peter Thiel’s idea is that you need to create a monopoly in business.

Not that an idea has to be completely unique, but it has to side-step every other business to create a new category, without deluding yourself into thinking that you’re a different category.

There are also 4 elements that go into it:

  1. Network Effect (as more people use it, it becomes more valuable)
  2. Proprietary Technology
  3. Orders of Magnitude Better Than Next Solution
  4. Economies of Scale

To be honest, I may have trouble even coming up with one. But let’s do this.

  1. Swipebox — a company that helps you steal ideas, forecast trends, and generate new ones
  2. Unlimited Internet Access — a company that gives you faster Internet, allows you to browse largely anonymously, and escape oppressive Internet laws
  3. A really good knee tensor that doesn’t keep falling off or give you a rash — the world would be better if people had better knees, it uses proprietary technology, better than the piece of crap I bought before, and lots of people have knee problems
  4. A cure for Alzheimer’s — the company who invents that and makes it widely available will be rich as
  5. A car with “Drink Driver” mode — adjust for swerves, self-drives you back to your house (could also be called “Designated Driver” mode)
  6. Effective hair loss and/or growth treatment — this one is a big, obvious helper for lots of people
  7. Pregnancy help for people who are infertile or have damaged wombs — also very big, would help lots of people
  8. Being able to detect diseases while the fetuses are still in the womb — would help people choose to abort (unfortunately) and get treatment when the baby is born
  9. Explosive gloves — I don’t know how this would benefit people, but it would be cool… If I’m being serious about combat gear, maybe a shield would be more practical. Such as a force field that protected you from the explosions when people tried to punch you with explosive rounds from the gloves. The force field could even be used in cars as a supplement for air bags. I can see how bad people could use this technology, though.
  10. Machines that made the air in polluted places more breathable — if people in China, LA and NYC could breathe better, then the world would be fantastic. We have good air in my entire country, really, but if I’m competing for air I will be a little disappointed. We should really get on that oxygen train.

Anyways, those are my 10.

Good luck, have fun, and check out Under The Dome. It’s a Chinese documentary about air pollution in China. It’s wildly popular now, and hopefully people freakin’ do something about it.

Click here to watch Under The Dome.

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