Comprehension and The 5 Stages of Becoming a Popular Blogger

Admittedly, I didn’t know shit about becoming a popular blogger. But, I thought I knew about writing. This man, Jon Morrow, made me question my whole career. In a good way.

The writing process I thought I knew wasn’t quite focused enough. Not quite professional enough. And maybe not even funny enough… Actually, definitely not.

The way he told stories was mesmerizing. It was like going through an out-of-body experience. I’d never read sales letters that intriguing. Maybe it’s because it directly spoke to me and my profession, maybe it’s because he’s an excellent writer. One thing’s for sure: this man knows his shit.

I joined one of his paid courses and got his Black Book recently, and while I don’t want to reveal everything inside the course (it is his intellectual property) I’d like to talk about the 5 Stages of Becoming a Popular Blogger, which he calls his “6 Figure Roadmap” and the stage I’m in: Comprehension.

The 5 Stages

  1. Comprehension
  2. Connections
  3. Conversion
  4. Content
  5. Clients

Yes, despite 8 years of writing, including 6 years of casual blogging and professional sales letter writing, I still wasn’t doing my research properly.

The way he does Comprehension is, let’s just say… Hardcore. He recommends studying as basically a part-time job. I love that. I do the same, but his is studying structured differently and geared towards becoming a super profitable blogger. Mine was, in retrospect, just a random assortment of learning. Damn…


  • Mornings: Hootsuite and Feedly (1 hour)
  • Afternoons: Read a Marketing Book (1 hour)
  • During Commutes: Podcasts & Marketing Audiobooks (2 hours)


  • Social Crawlytics (5 hours)

And you know you’re ready to move to the next stage when you’ve…

  • Read 50 posts on each of the blogs of influencers in your space. 500 posts total (50 posts x 10 influencers)
  • Listened to at least five episodes of each podcast on your list
  • Read at least 3 of the top marketing books he recommends

You need to follow a minimum of 20 people. So I’ve split it like this:

10 blogs, 7 podcasts, 3 books (as a minimum)

I’m aiming for 10 in each category, for a total of 30. I’d like to put a heavier emphasis on reading/listen to books, though. I feel like they’re more comprehensive and they’ve gone through an extensive writing process with editors and taken a long time to craft. So if it’s their best work, then I’ll learn the most from it.

Not that the other two aren’t also valuable.

This is all I have to say on the subject.



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