On Managing Hobbies, Interests & Passions

I’ve often said it’s wonderful to get lost in your interests.. Well, I am definitely tired as shit. I love it. But all the junk food, not-so-great regular food, alcohol and the cigarette I had did not help my body at all.

As we speak (well, I’m typing) I’m munching on Munchies and staring blankly at the screen expecting words to fly from my fingertips. It turns out it’s working.

That’s the benefit of writing conversationally, you never run out of stuff to say. That’s a tip for all you aspiring writers out there — boom.

On Pacquiao’s fight:

I’m a Pacquiao fan. I hoped he would win. In fact, according to Twitter, 67% of people wanted him to win. Unfortunately Manny’s offense wasn’t as good as Mayweather’s offense.

On meeting girls:

I don’t know why or how, but women just seem to be delivered to me lately. It’s nice. I just walk up, talk, they like me, then we exchange numbers.

On dancing:

The more well-studied I become, the more creative I become. Every single move becomes 3–4 moves once I combine them with older concepts I have in my brain.

I worked my ass off in the gym today trying to perfect Rap God. (I’m choreographing a new piece to it. Here’s the version I’m using):

This has been the case the last few days. Constantly trying to perfect the choreography, make it perfect, make sure that I’m doing it some fuckin’ justice.

Most of all, make sure it’s ready as an actual showpiece for ImmaBeast.

I will be auditioning for them. Can’t wait to set that audition stage on FIRE.

It’s a cool feeling.

It’s nice, too, knowing that I’m slowly, patiently working on something. And maybe it’ll pay off, maybe it won’t, but it’ll be great just to do it.

On writing:

Writing is effortless and dynamic, but requires constant study and refinement in order to be truly great. It’s been said that Bill Gates actually reads 2 hours a night, despite having billions of dollars.

The reason (supposedly) is because knowledge is power. Or, in his dear friend, Warren Buffett’s words, “the more you learn, the more you earn.”

It’s funny. Writing so much, it feels like a strange block of text is in front of me all the time. Just a foreign screen with new words on the same page.

It’s like an awkward deja vu that’s burned into my head. Frustratingly, rewardingly so. Knowing that I’ve been writing at least 1,000 words every day (whether or not I write a post on Medium) is a good feeling.

But the effort required to write something like this is surprisingly staggering. Not because of the physical effort, but the mental battle to do it over and over and over again without stopping.

I guess this is how greatness is built and empires are created.

My thoughts on this are contained in this video, right hurrr:

On following instructions:

Do you know what the secret to success is?

If you woke up with $1,000,000 but had no knowledge or discipline, could you keep it? Probably not.

If you had $100, but you had knowledge and discipline, could you grow it? Maybe, maybe not.

But let’s say you had a low-moderate (or even zero) budget. But you had the ability to perfectly execute on good advice — would you be able to grow it, then once you attain a fortune, keep it? Yes. Absolutely fucking yes.

The secret to getting good and to making things work is to follow the best advice. Now this gets tricky because you don’t always know what the best advice is. And sometimes you get shitty advice, but think it’s good advice. And sometimes the best advice you get is pretty much from yourself.

Not everybody is Warren fucking Buffett and is the best in history at something, only being able to seek himself for opinions. Looking in the mirror works for him. He’s lived life, made similar decisions, loves what he does. Can’t blame him.

Frank Kern, when asked in a seminar about how he got good, he thought about it for a second and said…, “I’m good at following instructions.”

That’s so powerful. I don’t know about you, but that struck me hard. That’s life-changing advice right there. I mean, even if it’s somewhat shitty — well, maybe not shitty, but mediocre or common advice, but you execute on it completely you probably will get some sort of result.

Even if “nothing” happens, you’ll have gotten a result.

Having paid $10 in AdWords for a campaign that gets a few clicks and traffic to your site gives you feedback. Going from course to course and book to book indiscriminately without ever executing on a task is shameful.

Instead of doing that, create something wonderful for yourself. Create a beautiful adventure full of ups and downs, things that seem like they’re gonna work out but don’t and vice versa, being pushed to the brink of insanity but pulling yourself back, learning a lot about how to motivate yourself so procrastination is never really an issue, taking care of your body, mind and soul so you’re always in good health, becoming a well-rounded person who lives a “gentle” but passionate, hard-working life.

That’s the good life right there. That’s not just the grind, that’s the whole pie. That’s the fuckin’ cake. Nothing is worth it if there’s no… How do I say this… It’s not a struggle, it’s not just an adventure.

The best way to describe it is to say that you can’t exclude certain things from life. But at the same time, you don’t necessarily want or need to have massive struggles (but you will) because well… They’re hard, and theoretically if you’re perfect you won’t need to face them, but nobody’s perfect so you will have to.

But sitting on the couch, lounging, doing “not much” isn’t the way to live life 80% of the time. It’s something that should be done sparingly. Maybe 20%, ideally 5–10% if you’re with company. Nothing wrong with movie night.

But following instructions… Just finding one or two very solid mentors (through books, in-person, courses, wherever…) then just doing them perfectly. I can see how that leads to textbook success stories.

Not deviating from the plan because of bullshit. Or maybe even making it work despite the obstacles and the bullshit. Maybe it’s not exactly the plan, but it’s damn close, and now you’re starting to understand where people are coming from.

Life is too short not to learn from others… Just take the damn shortcuts.

You won’t learn anything until you’re old, gray and broken if you only follow yourself. You’ll learn all the same lessons, but if you’re 65 you won’t have as much energy. You could’ve learned those lessons by 21, or 35, or even 40 or 50. The longer you wait to learn, the more you procrastinate following instructions is just a miserable invitation for mental, emotional, spiritual and perhaps even physical pain.

Lonely, terrible, destructive pain.

Unless you’re always happy and never self-aware, always questioning your value and purpose in this world.

Unless you’re inhuman, wondering why things don’t work out for you.

If you’re a stone, you don’t ask these questions. But even a house cat or a lion or a shark needs company. Even they find ways to make their life meaningful and happy.

On flow:

Sometimes you just need to push the wheel.

If you don’t know what that means, basically there’s a wheel pushing you everyday. It’s your job to push back, then get it spinning in your direction. Otherwise you’ll lose progress.

When I was writing this, my little tid-bit sections were B.S.

You deserve more.

Then once I got the wheel spinning in my direction, words and phrases exploded onto page like a violent hurricane. Or a sharknado. Or a bomb. They explode, I believe.

Even my parentheticals and ramblings became more captivating.

Just go with it.

It’s like I told my friend Tom, who asked how I could have such good energy when I talk to people. I (in many, many more words) told him that I go into my flow.

I do what feels good in the long run.

I listen to music, absorb the energy from it.

I dance to express it.

I write and I think to capture it in my mind, making it a solid, consistent object I can interact with and build on.

Movement is expression. If you’re mentally moving (thinking a lot, learning, pushing your brain’s limits), physically (for health and self-expression), emotionally (exercising your emotional muscles, becoming healthy and balanced), and arguably spiritually (if you’re into that higher belief system thing, you’ll be more enlightened and closer to the deity you believe in) then you’ll never be unhappy.

Most living things feel the need to “express” themselves. I don’t mean that in an artistic way, I just mean then have this inescapable need to do more and to grow. Or at least live in a somewhat happy way.

Plants need to grow, cats need to cuddle, guinea pigs need to play on the couch, humans needs a lot of things (mostly each other’s company and the occasional adventure).

In the end, just motherfuckin’ do it.

Get into the flow. Go into your flow as a human being. Not even that, actually.

Just as a living being. A life-form.

You’re alive, so move and think and be free. Not like a hippie, but I mean, jus stop setting limits on yourself. The weight will be lifted.

The rocks in my shoulders are basically gone. I’m feeling happier, less angry, have a lot less pain. And even when I have pain, my dopamine makes my pain feel less intense. It’s great!

Feel the flow, get into it. That’s my personal greatest secret. Flow state. It’s the greatest feeling in the world. Being so wrapped up in the moment that you never want it to end. Knowing you’re mastering your body, mind and soul. Knowing you’re learning and refining your skills into things that’ll have (or currently have) massive impact in your success.

Truly wonderful. I hope everyone can experience it on a regular basis.