The Dark Side of “The Secret”

I just had a conversation with somebody who’s a fan of my content. He saw some things I wrote in Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps Facebook group… I think. He was kind of vague about that.

Anyways, he said that I had some “very powerful content” and asked if it was cool if he added me. Yes. It is very cool.

Casually mentioning that I was surprised that the thread wasn’t buried anymore, he replied that it was the “law of attraction.” Apparently adamant in his belief.

There’s a dark side to it, though. I think the the Law of Attraction is part of the truth, but not the whole truth.

I say. To which he audio replies, “What do you mean, bro?”

19 minutes later I write back…

“I mean that you intend things into your life, but you don’t attract everything that happens to you. Sometimes shit just happens, or peoples’ dark intentions affect you. Oprah didn’t asked to get raped. Teenagers don’t ask to get hit by a car.

“Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you don’t have the energy and the willpower you once had. You make bad choices, or at least not the best ones.

“Part of success is intending it and believing in it with all your might, without question. The other half is dealing with bullshit with maturity and grace.

“For example, I’ve been crippled twice. I got set on fire (ankles/feet) and had a brain hemorrhage. I had to teach myself to walk twice (3x including birth), how to read properly, speak without a lisp or a pause. Now I can do all those things better than ever. In fact, I’m now a professional dancer and sponsored by Cadillac.

“I wrote all those posts and recorded those videos post-accident. Nobody would fuckin’ know the shit I’ve been through. Or the shit I still go through. I’m going through something awful right now, but I’m still here, and if I’m still here then there’s a bright future ahead.

“Law of Attraction fans and teachers mostly teach “intend great things, take action, reap the rewards.” And arguably I could have a life of extreme peace. But people will still die. My house could be set on fire due to freak weather conditions or kids with fireworks. I could fall out of a window. *knock on wood 3x*

Nobody likes to talk about the dark side.”

And thus ends this blog post. Thank you. I’m on a tight schedule. My apologies. Comment, share, recommend if you liked it.

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