7 Angular.js course that makes you become Full-time Dev at Weekends

7 Angular.js course that makes you become Full-time Dev at Weekends
at this weekend this time to fulfill your dreams if your need to become full-time Angular Developer this is list of Angular course that help your keep closing step to your goal

1. Angular (Full App) with Angular Material, Angularfire & NgRx

Use Angular, Angular Material, Angularfire (+ Firebase with Firestore) and NgRx to build a real Angular App
4.7 (1,942 ratings)||9,719 students enrolled || 138 Lectures||11 hours
Angular (Full App) with Angular Material, Angularfire & NgRx

This course covers exactly that!

We’ll build an entire, realistic app which looks absolutely beautiful, uses Google’s Material Design and is extremely fast! Thanks to Firebase and Angularfire, we’ll add real-time database functionalities and see our updates almost before we make them!

Behind the scenes, NgRx will be used — a Redux-inspired state management solution that can greatly enhance your Angular app.

What are you waiting for, this is what you’ll get in detail:

  • A brief refresher on Angular, just in case you forgot how it works (or never learned it)
  • A detailed introduction into Angular Material, its docs and its usage
  • A realistic app that uses many Angular Material components
  • Examples for components like Datepickers, Sidenavs or the Material Data Table (incl. sorting, filtering and live updating!)
  • A real-time database connection powered by Firebase (using Firestore) and Angularfire
  • A better understanding of RxJS observables
  • State-of-the-art state management with the help of NgRx
  • And so much more!

2. Ultimate AngularJS: Build a Real-World App from Scratch

Build a Single Page App with AngularJS, Angular Material, UI Router, and Firebase. Includes Angular 2 preview!
4.2 (569 ratings)||2,323 students||49 Lectures||05:31

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3. Angular 6 Crash Course

Master Angular Fundamentals and create a mini project in easy steps
4.5 (28 ratings)||217 students || 188 Lectures|| 09 hours
Angular 6 Crash Course

AngularJS is the most widely used Single Page Application Development framework in the industry today. Angular makes it super easy to create production ready Single Page applications. You will start this course by learning what Angular is ,the different features that are a part of every Angular application .You will be working hands on one feature at a time .You will then create two mini Single Page applications using all the knowledge you gain from those sections.

  • Learn what Single Page Applications are
  • Understand how Angular makes it easy to build SPAs
  • Create Angular Components
  • Use various directives angular provides
  • Create Services and use them to make GET and POST calls
  • Develop REST APIs using Node and ExpressJS
  • Create a Angular front end that consumes those REST APIs
  • Configure routing for the Single Page Application
  • Create and use pipes to format the data
  • Use Reactive Forms and Template Driven Forms
  • Create custom directives and use them
  • Create a Flight Reservation back end API using JAVA
  • Create a Front End by consuming the back end API
  • Create a Check In App that will check in a passenger

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4. Angular 2 Complete E-Commerce App Course — Java,Spring,MySQL

A Comprehensive Project with Step-By-Step Guide on latest Angular 2 Ecosystem and Java Spring Framework Ecosystem
3.7 (401 ratings)||2,137 students||89 Lectures||20 hours

This is a course about building a E-Commerce website using Latest Angular 2 and Java , Spring Framework Ecosystem, MySQL technologies and more. Specifically, it’s about building an online bookstore.

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5.Complete Modern Amazon clone: Angular 5 and Node.js

Use Angular 5 , Node.js , Stripe and Algolia to build a complete Amazon website!
4.0 (320 ratings)||17,750 students ||107 Lectures||06 hours
Complete Modern Amazon clone: Angular 5 and Node.js

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6. GraphQL with Angular & Apollo — The Full-stack Guide

Learn to build GraphQL-based full-stack web applications with Node JS, Express, MongoDB, Apollo, Angular, and Bootstrap!
3.9 (98 ratings)|| 562 students || 46 Lectures || 4 hours
GraphQL with Angular & Apollo — The Full-stack Guide

After finishing this course, you will:

1) Have mastered the cutting-edge technology GraphQL in a full-stack Angular web application.

2) Be ready to build a GraphQL Server with Node.js and Express by using Apollo Server.

3) Be ready to build a modern single-page web application with Angular and access a GraphQL endpoint

4) Have learned how to connect a MongoDB database to your GraphQL server

5) Have gained a profound understanding of GraphQL (incl. queries and mutations)

6) Truly understand how Apollo Server and Apollo Client works behind the scenes.

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7. TypeScript, Angular, Firebase & Angular Material Masterclass

Build Single Page Application(SPA) from Scratch using Angular 5. Learn basics of TypeScript, Firebase & Angular Material
4.0 (97 ratings)||17,550 students ||93 Lectures||14 hours

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Build end-to-end Single Page Apps in Angular on your own
  • Understand and fix common compile-time and run-time errors in minutes
  • Understand and implement clean and maintainable code like a professional
  • Apply best practices when building Angular apps

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