Sometimes I breathe a sigh of love

Love that if I try to clutch, is just as elusive as the touch

Once a butterfly, always a caterpillar

Give me a Pillar of dreams that I hope to achieve

alas on the eve of my first day

I pray, I say happy to appear

Absolutely, I declare.

Laying there looking in your eyes trying to disguise those lustful eyes

I will pretend that I am asleep,

With the lids closed you can’t see through my soul

Those sleepless nights that my mind runs riot

I declare war on terror or should I say the error of my ways

The way to believe is the way I see the world.

Once they said it was flat.

Like the last beat of a lost soul.

Trying to explore the world of the unkown

To you I declare, no we are not alone

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