Fools Gold

In this imperfect world

There’s a beautiful mess we've made

There is train of destruction racing to touch

This reach comes from the weeps of our ancestors teeth

To collect these stones, you must destroy the earth, to adorn your flesh and bones you show no regard to the curves and streams, the beats of those whom cannot speak

For what. For lust, envy, greed, you know this list I shall not proceed

You may say, well these things don’t concern me

But all that glitters is not gold and for most of us to conduct we abuse the earths soul

believe you me, this does more than you shall ever believe

Believe in the lie and the destruction of our actions, is of no concern to how we speak.

If you stand with conviction there is no you and me. Go ahead, you shall see

We need to understand without you there is no use

Like a puzzled being waiting for completion there is no right or wrong

Even if all we do is understand the story, honestly that is more than enough

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