So, really the issue comes down to a few factors. What do Twitter define as diverse? Well, tbh there is considerable low numbers of ethnic minorities in tech, full stop, Facebook have admitted it and now Twitter has just declared, that they are doing something about it. Round, of applause guys, how about you change the recruitment process to ensure that candidates are selected on capabilities against role specific metrics.

  • not education institutions, but based on. Qualifications.
  • Who is more likely to receive an interview a Harvard graduate or a historically black college institution Graduate. Both in theory. But based on what the tech giants are saying, thats not the case
  • Have they considered the advertisement of job vacancies, what platforms and publications have they been placed in and what is the demographic of these publications.
  • partner with platforms or key influencers outside of tech and allow candidates to use transferable skills outside of tech.

Bottom line, this dude needs to be creative.

This fellow, is probably doing and considering all these things.

This is how creative Twitter’s selection for this role is, taking someone from a near close like for like platform, That’s really diverse. 🙆🏾👏🏾😳

also I feel that Twitter may be slightly flawed in their approach to recruiting for this role. Was he recruited via word of mouth, or did he apply directly to an advertised role or was The role bench marked for him? How long was the role advertised, and if so where?

Because if they have benchmarked him for the role, prior to the advertisement of the role they have basically defeated their whole diverse theory. (There is little way of proving which way they did recruit the role unless they are transparent about the selection process) Because they haven’t followed basic principles of a fair selection and recruitment process.

How can you recruit from a diverse pool, when the talent pool has a limited diversity. Maybe, we need to overcome this obstacle.

To suggest that one is not suitable for the role as he is middle class male, is also not fair but if he plans to meet or even exceed his KPI’s (key performance indicators) he needs to think out of his own proverbial box.

will.i.am discussed on a radio show (maybe beats radio) that technology in theory should be the next hip hop, that it takes, kids outta the hood. That means there needs to be in theory a tech giant that is diverse as it’s user base. Throw the rules out the book and recruit Lean. You tech giants love that book ‘The Lean Start up’. apply those principles to recruitment. Test and re test your recruitment practices and see which one works best.

Please, also don’t patronise me by having a video of a selection of diverse members of staff talking about how great this company is to work for.

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