Your cup of tea..

Why is the written word scarier than most drawing boards? I can name a few reasons. But as i have been a professional writer, that wouldn’t be fair, nor actually totally objective.

As i have tried my hand in drawing as well, i compare the experience as something that helps the process along. They may differ, but not in exacting the very execution — i now account for the variance in the ideation, as well as the discrete properties of your person. Like, when you have a teacher tell you how to approach a math problem (as i have taught my kids), you have a breadth of knowledge that you come from. Whereas your child, who calls you a “poopoohead” if he/she doesn’t quite get the concept, and will tell you off about not being able to do it the way the school’s strategies have taught them. (That would be an argument for home schooling right there, for expat mobile families).

So the natural effect of drawing boards are the illustrating the way in which you understand the concept, and like a TED talk cross your fingers, do a song and dance, and hope for the very best that what you threw out there in your plate, actually gets properly sponged/digested. Seemingly something that connects all other people to that stage where we have differences and the mind-gap becomes too frustrating?

Where do you stand and tow the line for a real conversation to happen — writing, drawing, singing, photography, painting, cooking, vlogging, expressing thought is intrinsic to life itself. When that becomes a source of strength for both publisher / creator and audience, there is a wonderful symbiosis that happens, and the ecosystems become one with the purpose at hand. Terribly off-key?

The serious stageing of several mind-spaces, i am now in the mid-building of ideation to growth to incubation in a snap. (Is that really possible?) Before i share findings, and become complacent in the works, i would like to weave everything into a more resolute/ cognitive/ albeit interesting actionable (or note-worthy) read. So back to the stages of focussing on getting your messages and not get to the brink of your frustration limits when your audience/platform gets to its full capacity (imagine a sponge full of water, the water tips over because containment is finite). And that incline to avoid saturation is on the steep, not on the cheap (as it costs more as you go further along).

So, i am officially expanding my team to having more contributors write in their solutions to problems as well - or just their opinions on being mobile: whether they’ve tagged along their spouses, or unlabelled infant stuffed in the handbag, they should have the requisite typing skills that can put together a well-placed contribution to the conversations.

…Is Actually Coffee.

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