Our meeting with the Freshmen

the 5 of October, an ordinary day

Yana: Oh, Kris, Kris, do you know? The meeting with the freshmen will be soon, are you waiting for this?

Kris: Of course, I have been looking for that all my life ! /(Not, frankly speaking, I had been acquainted with some freshmen-guys before our meeting was organized by our lovely teachers, that’s why it wasn’t so amazing for me)/ /author’s notes/

Some time later…

The teacher: You will have the meeting with the freshman on Friday at 8.15

My thoughts: ah… Friday…8.15… so early… freshman, of course, how could I forgot! We are sophomores. We are more experienced than they are, we should create something great! /aha/

It looked like this in my thoughts, but, unfortunately, Something went wrong and, at first, we had a lot of ideas and that’s all. In fact, we just combined these ideas together and yes! Perfect project was ready!

The first game was a snowball and then we asked freshmen to come up with their superpowers /yes, it was so predictable, but…We decided to recall who we were a year later, do you have the same superpower? I don’t/, so I knew that someone could dance in the club all night, someone could make a girl laugh and someone could read a lot of books for one month, and one girl was a professional swimmer. that’s great, isn’t it?
So the next part was to draw the perfect diplomat on a sheet of paper using their superpowers. Their works was so creative and great! You can’t imagine!/Or you can, I don’t know/ Moreover, each group had own name and motto. To my mind, everything was incredible, but I know, that someone didn’t like this activity, sorry( 
I would like to say thanks to Yana and Alex, because I know that I’m nobody without their support and without their ideas! Thanks our teachers, Lyudmila Mikhailovna and Tatiana Igorevna, for the opportunity to get closer with my groupmates and the freshmen. (oh, it looks like the Oscar’s ceremony:)
And, of course, thanks for your attention!