What If The World Was Round

Several times upon a time, there lived wondrous civilizations. Civilizations that discovered the mysteries of algebra, civilizations that built the impossible pyramids, and civilizations that invented democracy, but too many times they have come to ruin.

One minute, a thriving metropolis bustling with new ideas. The next minute, war torn, suppressed, and reversed.

Egyptians, Romans, and Persians all fell. Victims of war. Victims of drought. They could not handle the stresses of these destructions, and their prosperous times came to an end. Their technologies lost. But what if it was different?

What if the Egyptians didn't fall under the Roman’s rule? What if they continued to build great pyramids and developed new technologies that the future could enhance and reform?

What if the Persians didn't get defeated by the Greeks? What if they continued to expand on their knowledge of math and astronomy? Where would math be now?

What if the Romans didnt burn down the Library of Alexandria? How much more knowledge of the past would we have? How many questions answered?

Now, America, once did the impossible and landed on the moon. We are ushering in a new era of green technology. We have space craft that can be reused, and, some how, we have flat earth believers and dinosaur deniers. How?

What if America, land of opportunity, leaders on innovation, fell like those before us? What if these silly ideas plagued the masses? What if we reversed?

What if the earth was round?