I was talking with a friend recently about leadership structures in the church and also how many…
Drew Dixon

Drew, words/labels are important and I applaud the conversation you and your friend were having about leadership structures in the church. I wish those types of conversations were more common. As I read your words the honest exhortation that rose up in me was, “I do not care what you call it, just PLEASE stop the oppression!” I realize it’s not that easy and that much work and many conversations need to happen before significant change is likely, so, I do like the term mutualist and the idea of emphasizing the need for women and men to work together as equals. I do have a fear though; my fear is that as patriarchs became complementarian to avoid a change of heart and to make their oppression seem godly, complementarians might now use the label of mutualist to appear equitable while still refusing to relinquish their power over women in significant ways. That is why I am not as concerned with what we call it, as long as the movement is toward tangible mutuality. Thank you so much for your thoughtful engagement Drew!

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