The steps she’s taken to get over 1.8 billion views

Chloe Ting poses on a yoga mat
Chloe Ting poses on a yoga mat

Like many people, when gyms closed down I started experimenting with a whole range of at-home workouts. It was only a matter of time before I caved and tried the Chloe Ting two-week shred challenge.

Although the workouts themselves are arguably not as good as some of the other YouTube fitness gurus, what stood out to me were her business choices.

She does things differently than other YouTube fitness creators that I’ve seen, and here’s what I think is incredibly smart about her approach.

She Created Numerous Free Programs

Creating programs is not unique to Chloe. In fact, as far back as 2015, I purchased…

1 out of 8 British men think they could score against Serena Williams in a tennis match, and that’s a problem

In a survey of 1,732 British adults, 12% of the men surveyed said they believed they could score a point against Serena Williams in a tennis match.

This is a survey of average people.

Some of them may play tennis. Others may have been thinking that statistically, in the course of a full match, they would have a good chance of earning a point.

And a fraction of them might be right.

But for one out of every 8 men surveyed to believe they could score against one of the greatest tennis players of all time I think highlights an…

When Ernest Hemingway says quality but Arthur Conan Doyle says quantity

I’ve been on this platform for long enough to know that people are always trying to sell writing tips.

It makes sense, if you have a room full of aspiring writers, “writing” is going to be a highly desired topic to read about.

But as with any oversaturated marketplace of information, you also get wildly different answers to the same questions.

The biggest one I see is the quantity vs quality debate.

(insert successful author’s name)” doesn’t write a lot and here’s why you shouldn’t either;”

“I wrote a blog post every day for a year and it changed my…

Scientifically backed and personally tested

John Steinbeck once wrote in his diary

“I’m not a writer, I’ve been fooling myself and other people.”

John Steinbeck was arguably one of the greatest American authors of the 20th century; he won the Nobel Prize in 1962, and still felt that he wasn’t a true writer.

And that’s the key to impostor syndrome (or impostor phenomenon). It’s based in fear that one isn’t truly good enough. It ignores the evidence.

Impostor syndrome describes those who have shown their competence but still experience feeling like a fraud or like their success was achieved solely through luck.

It often shows…

Identifying it is the first step in overcoming it

Impostor syndrome (or impostor phenomenon) is a term used to describe those who have shown their competence but still experience feeling like a fraud or like their success was achieved solely through luck.

They talk themselves out of being excited about the “wins” of life by convincing themselves that they’ve just fooled everyone really well.

Understandably, this becomes incredibly exhausting.

An estimated 70% of people experience impostor syndrome. You’ll see it especially often when navigating large changes — starting a new job, getting accepted to a graduate program…

Since so many people experience it at some point in their life…

Setting “downtime” has been an absolute game changer

Social media is designed to be addictive. There’s no way around that.

On the other hand, social media platforms can be a great way to keep in touch with old friends, have digitized scrapbook memories of life, or market a business.

Aka, they’re pretty great.

But it’s still important to remember that the design intent behind social media is not to benefit the user. It’s to make money.

I don’t think that makes the Zuckerbergs of this world “bad guys.” …

What’s happening and what proposed change would look like

It’s a Tuesday, I’m sitting in a coffee shop in an oversized hoodie listening to Taylor Swift’s newly re-released Fearless (Taylor’s Version). If that’s not the dictionary definition of nostalgia, then I don’t know what is.

Taylor has seemingly spent the lockdown writing, recording, and releasing music for her fans (evidenced by the release of two albums in 2020, one of which, Folklore, won her the “Album of the Year” award). This month, she did something a little unusual — though not unheard of in the music industry. She re-released her second album, Fearless.

Fearless was released in 2008 and…

Critics are raving about this new film inspired by real events

I got my first hate comment the other day. I was speechless. What an honor. One day, I was a regular human living my anonymous life. And then, suddenly, the world shifted.

I had done something notable enough for a complete stranger to waste their time telling me that I sucked.

I practically princess waved to an empty room full of all my greatest fans and critics.

I want that moment to be immortalized for the rest of time. …

Why aren’t we talking about this more?

About a week ago, I published an article here, on Medium, that has outperformed anything else I’ve written to date. I’m sure by some writer’s standards my metrics of “performing well” is just a regular Tuesday, but when I broke that 1k read benchmark, I started getting pretty excited (it’s currently nearing 4k, with the number still rising by a couple hundred every day).

I’ve seen so many articles about how much a writer earned via an article that performed well, but as I was looking at the metrics, I realized money was secondary to the much much cooler part…

It may just be the under-sung, holy grail of diets

Do you ever start researching something and think “…there’s a word for that?”

That was me today. I never knew that my non-committal semi-vegetarian-with-occasional-lean-meat-for-social-reasons diet had a name.

Apparently it does, and that name is “Flexitarian.”

I did the most natural thing for a person to do, which is deep dive into articles on the internet to understand exactly what a flexitarian diet is and what the health benefits are. Here’s what I’ve learned.

What is a flexitarian diet and what do people on a flexitarian diet eat?

A flexitarian diet (as the name implies) is very flexible. In fact, the word itself comes from the merging of the two words, “flexible” and “vegetarian.”

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