I write about the intersection of identity and overcoming addiction.

Source: Vietnam Trail Series

✨ About Krista Aoki

An average person’s journey from couch to 42k in one year

Source: VN Express

Turn your love of research and words into a way to make money freelance writing

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If I give away my control — then I’m powerless

Submission Guidelines for “The Review” Publication

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Conducting Your Review

My transition from prioritizing pleasure to prioritizing discipline

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What marketers can learn from the multiplayer game taking the Internet by storm.

Source: InnerSloth

How to tap into expansive energy when you feel overworked

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We really want “you” — you know?

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An open letter to encourage you to reach for more

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Krista Aoki

The intersection of personal identity and overcoming addiction. I also write about freelance. https://kristaaoki.com | https://reroutelifestyle.com

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