My transition from prioritizing pleasure to prioritizing discipline

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I still remember the last glass of wine I enjoyed. It’s funny how at the time, I didn’t realize that a glass of Argentinian wine would be the nightcap to my days of hedonism.

It’s funny how I didn’t realize that glass would symbolize my transition from prioritizing pleasure to prioritizing discipline.

You can say that drinking alcohol is choosing short-term pleasure. After “just a couple,” you experience a quick burst of confidence and euphoria. But you also experience lapsed judgment, short-sighted decisions followed by mornings of regret, and fatigued hangovers.

For one year, I’ve chosen discipline over short-term pleasure. Because in the days that followed that final glass of Argentinian wine, one “no” turned into two. …

What marketers can learn from the multiplayer game taking the Internet by storm.

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Source: InnerSloth

Indie game Among Us has become a smash hit, its popularity spreading on the Internet like wildfire. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, Among Us is a social deduction game similar to Werewolf or Mafia.

The game itself takes place on a spaceship with 4–10 players. Crewmates are preparing the spaceship for launch. But there are imposters disguised as crewmates who sabotage the launch and kill crewmates on board. Throughout the game, crewmates use deduction to try to figure out who the imposters are. Because imposters are disguised as crewmates, they use deception to mislead the crewmates.

Not only is Among Us simple to learn, but it is also available to play on Windows, iOS, iPad OS, and Android. Its simple design and availability to smartphone users makes Among Us very easy to start playing. …

How to tap into expansive energy when you feel overworked

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“I hope you’re healthy and safe during this strange time!”

That sentence, an attempt at half-heartedly acknowledging the Black Mirror episode disguised as the year 2020, is laced into every other email.

2020 has given us a health and economic crisis, an upward trend of people working from home, and a social justice movement against systemic racism.

These days, opening social media is like opening your front door to disagreement. We are inundated with headlines about police brutality and death.

Crises are happening around us. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. …

We really want “you” — you know?

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No one knows you or your business better than yourself. Yet why is writing an About page the most difficult part of creating your freelance website?

You’ll often hear that as a freelancer, people hire you for you! And your About page is the perfect place to let ideal clients know why you are the perfect fit for their needs.

While your About page is there to tell visitors about you, it should also be client-centered. People subconsciously ask “what’s in it for me?” If you focus too much on yourself, you risk clients becoming disinterested.

The best way to avoid this disinterest and create deeper connections is to learn about where you and your ideal clients’ interests overlap — and share that overlap on your About page. …

An open letter to encourage you to reach for more

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Four years ago, I sat at my cousin’s apartment in California. She and her ex-husband, a businessman, had just rescued me from an abusive relationship.

“Let’s look forward, Krista,” her ex-husband said to me, possibly trying to get me to think positively instead of bawling nonstop. “What goals do you have for your life?”

I had just spent the last 3 months as an Assistant Case Manager at a law firm where I started at $12 per hour. I loved what I did. …


The Narrative the West Refuses to Cover About Coronavirus

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Bidets, which are commonplace in many Asian countries, are seldom found in American households. Headlines across the US reported bidet sales skyrocketing as toilet paper flew off the shelves in response to COVID-19 panic.

But amidst the fight against the latest coronavirus, the US can take away more from Asia than bidets. The US can also follow the example of Asian countries like Vietnam in the fight against COVID-19.

I have watched the US response closely from my social distancing safehaven in Vietnam — a country whose proactivity has been regarded as exemplary.

“Mỗi người dân là một chiến sỹ trên mặt trận phòng chống dịch bệnh.”

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Refusing to be a victim to these stressful circumstances

In recent weeks, the continued spread of the coronavirus disease, COVID-19, has plagued the world. It feels like overnight, the tables were flipped over and our daily routines were turned upside down.

The walls of this pandemic are closing in on me and my sanity and literally haunting me whilst I sleep.

It’s stressful. And it’s not just a health pandemic we face; we’re also battling job security, market security, and general uncertainty for what will come in the future.

I’m having a hard time focusing or being creative. Instead of pressuring myself to focus, I’m celebrating small wins like choosing not to scroll down my social media feed or making the effort to exercise daily.

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How to build structure when you suddenly want to return to life at the office

It’s a stressful time for everyone.

Families are suddenly operating from home, trying to juggle children taking online lessons whilst parents telecommute to work. Freelancers are wondering how to find freelance clients at the beginning of a potential recession. Overall, the way we go about daily life has been turned upside down in the blink of an eye.

Working from home sounded glamorous at first — that is, until you realized the danger of working so close to your bed or television. Or how difficult it is to juggle your daily workload and your energetic children.

According to the Atlantic, the coronavirus (or covid-19) is creating a huge, stressful experiment of working from home. …

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Freelance Tips

A simple guide to using a website to position yourself professionally

I write this post sipping an Italian coffee from a café in Vietnam reflecting on my last 3 or 4 months of freelancing. Last October, an American agency who contributed to over 50% of my monthly income stopped sending me recurring work. This shock to my monthly income pushed me to start thinking about how I presented myself professionally online, like on my freelance website.

It’s easy to overlook this sometimes, but we live in an incredibly global society. More and more businesses turn to tools on the Internet to accomplish their goals.

As a freelancer, having a searchable website in a gig economy is an asset. I work with clients from places like Spain, Poland, Taiwan, and the USA — largely due to the way I represent myself online. …

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7 Tips to Build a Sustainable Client Network

Whilst working my previous full-time job at the front office of a hotel, someone reached out and asked for simple customizations to her WordPress website.

She was my first freelance client.

I didn’t track how much time I spent on the project, but I remember charging an entire $40 for the work.

Within the next couple of months, I landed my first website design client pitching to someone from Facebook — and built her an entire WordPress website for $400.

I found my next client pitching self-taught tech skills including website customizations, SEO and content writing. …


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