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I remember the day I graduated from college. It was the best day of my life…until the next day when I got married. THAT was the best day. Then…the next day — I moved away from my family and friends to live with my husband in another state. I was so excited for this new chapter in our lives!

Months went by. I started missing my family, missing my friends, missing familiar streets, and — unknown to me, I was beginning to miss myself. I was happy in love in a new city and the joy I felt was accompanied…

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1. Smoking, Drinking Alcohol, and excessive caffeine

I feel like this is a given, but it’s one of the most common things I see in the vocal community. I’ve seen not only artists but vocal coaches who smoke or drink regularly — and think that their technique will save them from damage. While it may mitigate some of the effects, you’re still climbing an uphill battle. You’re doing your voice a disservice. Your voice and your body is your instrument. Treat it well. Cut out these bad habits and your voice will thank you.

2. Yelling before or after shows.

I find it best not to yell in any…

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With pitch accuracy, there are levels to this! Perfect pitch being the best and tone deaf being worse. Most people lie in the middle. So let’s break that down.

Perfect pitch is actually pretty rare. Perfect pitch is when a singer can sing and identify a pitch exactly without any other musical context clues to determine the note you’re hearing. An example of this would be Charlie Puth…here’s a video of him doing that.

It takes years of ear training to get that good. If you’ve been fully immersed in music since childhood it it’s much more likely that…

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I remember sitting in the back of the car in my car seat hearing my mom singing “I Will Always Love You’ along with the radio — it was 1992 and it JUST CAME OUT! I was a little toddler, but — I was swinging my legs in my singing it too! My mom and I belted in that car and all my dad could do was smile. That was the day I fell in love with Whitney Houston. I can’t even separate Whitney Houston’s voice with my Mom’s because I’m pretty sure she knew ever single song Whitney ever…

If you ever googled singing tips —you probably noticed that there are a ton of resources and videos singing the praises of an array of gadgets and tools that help vocalists and how you’ve got to get it right now if you want to be a better singer! But honestly, many of those gadgets and hacks are artificial or supplementary at best.

They don’t address the core of the issues of singers who are trying to be better. Whether you’re just beginning or experienced — these 5 things will ensure your growth as a vocalist!

1. Growth mindset

Fixed vs. Growth: Before…


I don’t know if you noticed, but many of the vocalists we consider legends are legends because there’s NO ONE else like them! They all have a unique sound that becomes a ‘wave’ or a trend that makes other artists want to imitate them. They have a UNIQUE identifiable sound. Because of this, any vocalist aspiring to master their voice should strive to find their VOICE first!

3 Things That Makes a Voice Unique.

I’m a bit of a nerd — so, I made an acronym for this! Okay, are you ready? It’s T.P.S.

What is TPS? Timbre, Placement, and Style.

1. Timbre:

The oxford dictionary describes it as the character or quality of a musical…

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So let’s get into it. I love Beyonce, okay! And I tried to fight it, because I don’t consider myself a ‘fanatic’ type. Rather than say I’m just another fan — I’ll admit, I’m inspired by her . Her voice is immaculate and her work ethic is out of this world. Here are 4 reasons why I think Queen Bey needs her flowers now!

1.She is dedicated

Beyonce has been at this since she was a little girl and she’s STILL doing it — bigger than ever. She has NO CHILL. She literally has 4 kids, conquer a…

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Have you ever tried to sing a song that you love only to realize that it’s too low or too high for you? How to increase vocal range is one of the most common things vocalists come to me for. Trust me I get it! Having a wider vocal range gives you more variety in song choices and it opens you up to be a more versatile singer with the music you create as well. So today we’re going to talk about how to increase your vocal range in these 8 steps.

1. Identify your vocal range

The first thing…

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I don’t know about you, but R&B is hands-down my favorite genre!

I love it for so many reasons. One reason is because of how much it has evolved since its inception. It has its history in gospel, blues, funk, jazz, rock, soul, and now hip-hop! Another reason I love it is because R&B challenges vocalists to grow.

Whether you want to sing acrobatic vocal runs like Brandy, belt iconic notes like Whitney Houston, be an improvisational genius like Tank, or make songs about getting played sound smooth and sexy like Summer Walker, these 5 things will make you a better R&B singer.

1. Listen to the greats.

Not only the legends of today but listen to…

Understand what a high belt actually is —a high belt is singing in your head voice with the power of your chest voice.

Every voice has 3 vocal registers: Chest, mixed, and head voice. Chest voice is the lower notes in your voice where you naturally speak — you could speak/sing here with ease.

To identify your chest voice, place your hand on your chest when you’re speaking or singing. You will notice a vibration in your chest when you’re in your chest voice. It’s easy to sing loud in your chest voice.

When you sing higher, you will gradually…

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