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At mid-life, I stand at a precipice edged by the reality of young children, Boomer parents and my own aging process. A glance behind reveals nostalgia — an entire landscape of life already lived, ideas forged into matter and possibilities evaporated into the clouds. Ahead lies the unknown, the great expanse of an autumnal mid-life that will one day merge into winter’s cradle, as if by magic or time-travel.

Within the last five years, both of my parents have been struck by medical ailments: stage four cancers, mini-strokes, falls down the stairs, neuro-degenerative disorders. …

How to cultivate an inner life that inspires action

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We love stories of ordinary people who rise to the occasion to do extraordinary things. They inspire and reassure us that all is not lost. With admiration we claim, “They’re just good people.”

But perhaps what we actually mean is that they hold integrity. And if the world needs anything, it’s people living and acting from a place of integrity.

Action inspired by integrity holds a different energy than action motivated by an attachment to being good. …

With the desert before me, the night sky above and psilocybin dancing within, for the first time I understood true unconditional love. Little did I know that this experience would later save my life.

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Photo by Velizar Ivanov on Unsplash

When I gave birth at 38 years old, I assumed that having children later in life would ensure my capability as a new mother. I was also trained as a psychotherapist with years of personal therapy, alternative healing and seeking under my belt.

When I finally copped to the fact that I was impacted by a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder (PMAD), it was with a mixture of resignation and a strange relief. Living within the craggy landscape of PMAD warrants its own article (or two or 10, which in time I’ll write). …


Krista Lee Harrison

Mom, therapist, deep diver, over-thinker, writer getting into the swing of actually writing with small, barnacle-like children afoot.

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