I walk around my room, picking things up and moving things around singing an old song to myself. I hum, and sing a few words and walk around slightly dancing to the beat in my head. I turn around and slightly blush as I see you standing in my door way leaning against the frame. You have a small grin on your face, letting me know you just caught me in one of my dorky moments. I walk towards you with my warm rosy cheeks and my bashful little grin, and you open your arms out to me, letting me know you will always be there. I walk into your circle of arms and warmth and rest my head against your chest. I listen to your heart beat. I close my eyes and tilt my head up to yours and feel your lips against mine. As our lips touch I feel my stomach drop to the floor. I smile and pull you closer. I wrap my arms around your waist and hold you tight. In my mind all I wish for is a way to freeze frame this moment and keep it always. Replay it when I feel the need. Replay it every time I feel a little bit of stress. I know how much my feelings have grown in just weeks. I know it seems crazy. But I feel a little crazy sometimes. You hold me here, to this place, to my sanity and you keep me safe. There is nothing else in the world I could ever ask for. You don’t always know what to say, but every time I need you, you’re there. Telling me it will be okay, telling me that I don’t have to be scared, and even though I can tell you aren’t sure if you are saying or doing the right thing, it feels right, sounds right, every time. You have helped piece me back together in moments of heart break and you have made me smile and held my hand and kissed me when I didn’t even know that that was what I wanted. You seem to have a direct connection to my heart and speak to in the times I am vulnerable. That must be how you swept me off my feet so swiftly, and strongly. I was so afraid I would never feel this way again. But you know everything I have done wrong. You know everything that is wrong with me. You know all of the things I am sometimes so ashamed to say, and yet here you stand with your arms wrapped around me and mine wrapped around you. How could I have met such a great man, and how could I have been so lucky as to have found that this man wants to be here for me, wants to hold me, wants to be in my life, my crazy, insane, dramatic life. I look up and look into this amazing man’s forest dark eyes, and all I can think is lucky, lucky me as he leans forward and kisses me deeply.