Startup Day 2020 in Tartu was great. Besides getting to see so many friends, I got to make new ones too. The conference had made a huge leap since my last visit in 2017.

When I first saw the lineup of the speakers I was just blown away — Sacha, founder of Glovo; Milda, founder of Minted; Adeo, founder of Founder Institute; Hermione, Head of Marketing at Tinder; Andres, VP of Expansion at Fiverr and many others. And I got to talk to all of them! So inspiring.

Besides learning from industry peers, I also shared some fundraising tips with the K powerhouse — incidentally, there are not a lot of women founders from Estonia who have gone after funding, but if they have, it’s likely their name starts with the letter K! And so I got to share the stage with Kaidi @Funderbeam (raised $15M) and Kadri @clanbeat ($1.5M). Testlio has raised $7.5M. …


Kristel Kruustük

Testlion and founder of @testlio,, #lovetesting.

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