10 Awesome Things About Entrepreneurship

1. You constantly prove people wrong

When I started, I approached another successful entrepreneur out of my network and told him about the idea of Testlio. He told me that he could not help us and he thinks it isn’t a good idea, because there’s already a company out there doing the same thing and they are about 300 people strong and have been selected as one of the fastest growing companies by Forbes.

2. You meet a lot of people

Be ready to interact and communicate!

3. You see the world

If you’re lucky, you will travel like crazy. From meeting so many different people and experiencing different cultures, I’ve become a stronger and better leader. I’ve learned that there is never one right answer.

4. You find a way to live with fear

Every day you learn something new. And for me the new is unknown, and the unknown is one of the scariest things I do know. But once you go and do whatever you don’t know about, you are already awesome. Really.

5. You work on something you love

Testlio was born out of my frustration as a tester. That made me very passionate about the problems that I started solving. I love testing and I want to help as many testers as possible all over the world to create meaningful careers. That is just something to wake up for. Every. Single. Day.

6. You realize that there are no limits

Over the course of 4 years that I’ve been building Testlio I’ve learned one thing : everything is possible! When I was at the beginning of starting this company, I cried a lot over little things, but now I see that if I work hard and smart, I can do anything.

7. You make people happy

Whether it’s a positive message from your team member, a tester in the community, or a customer , receiving encouraging words just keeps you going! In terms of our product we have a long way to go and I wish we could build all the things that I have in my mind — today.

8. You see opportunities in every problem

From time to time, I get someone complaining about our product. It’s super frustrating and it makes me sad. We have weekly All Hands meetings with the team, where we share our highs, lows and big rocks for next week. During a recent meeting (when I was still mentally processing a big complaint), I couldn’t share any lows, because in my mind, every setback and challenge is an opportunity for me. And the more opportunities you have, the better!

9. You can give back to the community

I think this is actually my favorite of all and this applies to anyone who is building their career or building their own companies. If you really do something you love and are successful at it, you can share your story and learnings and inspire other people to do the same.

10. You win

Whether you succeed or not — you’ve won! If you end up failing at least you can be proud that you took the chance. There’s no trying, only doing. Just don’t give up — never, ever.



Testlion and founder of @testlio, http://www.testlio.com, #lovetesting.

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