Great story!
Alvar Lumberg

Thank you for reading and for your feedback, Alvar! I can’t provide too much context on what makes it really challenging when you are a couple, because Testlio is my first company and it’s been great for me and Marko since the beginning. Obviously there are times, when sometimes we get home, are exhausted and besides continuing venting about a challenging moment in the company, we remain silent if there’s nothing else we can’t talk about. Marko has actually told me that I’m the best co-founder he has ever had (and he has co-founded 7 other companies before Testlio). I think by the end of the day it really comes down to the types of people and their common values and how much they are willing to learn and help each other. Me and Marko are both competitive (Marko maybe more because of his 8 year professional running career), but we never stand in each other’s way — we let each other focus on our strengths. So my real advice is to not over-analyze and if you get a long with your loved one without disagreeing on everything, and undermining each other, you should already be set up for a successful business relationship too.

I think entrepreneurship at it’s core is a huge challenge and as an entrepreneur you just need to deal with it and make the best out of every situation!

Even during the darkest times I have never regretted building Testlio with Marko. Quite the opposite — these are the moments when I felt the most thankful for being able to do it next to Marko.