I am the Hillary Clinton of Advertising professionals.

I’m going to change the world — from the inside of this system, which has been running in the same way for too long.

Advertising professionals were lifted to the top based on skill and knowledge of people, but we didn’t stop when the wrong people started giving us the right money.

We shout the need for visibility in a cluttered marketplace — the importance of picking and choosing your message to reach your audience — for optimizing based on performance as you go, driving only in the most efficient lane to reach success.

But, we’re your doctor standing outside smoking a cigarette.

The advertising industry has been fueling the pockets of money first businesses, branding mission first organizations a separate class — “pro bono” “volunteer.”

But, that’s the old business model.

Our generation of marketing professionals will create a place that prioritizes mission and business equally.

Success is a thriving marketplace, ripe with organizations working for our collective success — not only theirs. And for our collective success, we’re going to try and do something about it.