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I never imagined that I would willingly decide to spend four nights camping in New Mexico in the midst of summer sharing toilets, showers, meals, and giving up half my time to seva (volunteering or service). A year ago I was living life as usual, incorporating morning practices to set my days up for success, stealing away precious moments of time for life during my lunch hour, and rounding out one work day after the next with a half bottle of chilled red straight from my apartment kitchen’s built-in wine refrigerator. Six months ago, I tossed it all into a blender and embarked upon a path towards something different. A new normal.

These days I’m living with my boyfriend and our new rescue pup, filling up my days with upward mobility. My mornings are occupied with a nonnegotiable, nurturing Kundalini Yoga practice. My days are spent balacing my workday with my studies of the philosophical and physical benefits of Kundalini’s varied postures, mantras, and meditations, then later taken up with whatever Kundalini Yoga Kriya (set of exercises) resonates with what I feel I need to teach that week.

I don’t know what hole of life I would be buried in had I not connected with the calling to teach Kundalini Yoga. The ancient yoga’s practices have already helped me to navigate through more than one of life’s troubling occurrences: an ill-fitting job change, saying a forever farewell to my 9 year old rescue dog, surviving a week’s worth of undue corporate constructive criticism, and resulting brushes with anxiety and depression.

Remarkably, I no longer get stuck, no matter what I’m faced with. The same fears and insecurities that used to throw me horrilby off-course are now just reminders to check in with my inner peace, wisdom, and even joy. Now I know how to be happy in any moment, and how to connect with my answers that lie eternally within. And it is now that I know that I have to share these tools, beacause gosh darn, life it far better with them in tow.

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The Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training that I waited a year for, dedicated another year to, and recently graduated from, inhabited two weekends each month over the course of a full eight. And during those months my motivation for making the three hour drive from Houston to Austin twice monthly morphed in ways I could have never imagined.

I knew going into it that a long drive and a good podcast coupled beautifully. In three hours I could learn from masters, arriving at my destination full with fresh wisdom and intent focus. After six hours of driving and twelve hours of training, twice monthly my life was altered, shaken loose from its original form. For months I was taught, and as months passed, my own inner need to teach became insatiable.

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On one Sunday night’s drive back, as I listened to Tim Ferriss detail the driving forces steering his own motivations on an episode of The Good Life Project, I connected with my inner teacher. Tim spoke of his battles with depression, unhappiness, and even aimlessness. All are aliments our society has come to know well. All are things I have struggled with. But I’ve found a way out, a way through, and there is nothing I want more now than to share those ways with anyone who needs them. My practice had helped me through so much, how could I not use it to aide others.

I thought of Tim Ferriss and how his podcasts had given me so much to learn during those hours of my twice monthly commute. And how because of Tim I had also discovered the audible musings of Noah Kagan, Rich Roll, Guru Singh, Tony Robbins, Gretchen Rubin, Jessica Murnane, and Jonathan Fields. Each and every one of these inspiring, wise, and whitty podcasters had one beautiful thing in common —each was there to teach what he/she knew. All had been through things, because in life we all go through things. We all have something to share, and for me that thing, it’s a way through.

It’s why I’m heading to the desert soon. It’s why I read memoirs, attend lectures, rely on the findings of scientists and doctors. It’s why I train in a strange and unusual form of yoga from quirky masters like Methab Benton, Siri Badhaur, and Guru Karam. I know a lot of things, I’ve been through a lot of things. I wear the loss of my father, my marriage, my business, my dog, all like badges of experience upon a green Girl Scout sash to remind myself of what I’ve come through. Each of those losses was not in fact an unfortunate occurrence; it was my teacher. The teacher I craved, and needed at the time. Much like my favorite podcasts, my darkest moments taught me things along the way.

My textbook states in Kundalini Yoga Master, Yogi Bhajan’s words, “You always meet your teacher. Either you surrender your ego to the teacher for you run away from him. The law is that you will meet the opportunity, not that you will recognize it or sustain a commitment to it.”


These days I see clearly why Tim Ferriss has blazed a trail for teachers to follow. Life is hard, and comes blindly with no instruction manual.

These are the reasons why I love books, podcasts, and how-to articles. More than a diagnosis, we need life-hacks, mindful tools, and daily practices. We need new normals, new ways of approaching our every days. We need someone to give us options of how to be an adult, a parent, a partner, an entrepreneur, a human.

Quick fixes would never sustain us. We might make it through one stressful moment, but be leveled by another. We need to flex our muscles with the daily practices that make us better selves like meditation, yoga, exercise, mindfulness, so that we know who we are regardless of life’s circumstance. We need practices to unveil us and reveal our inner selves. We need teachers, and we need to teach. Because life isn’t easy, and learning the hard way sucks.

I’ve taken the scenic route, and now I’m cruising through the sky in a flying Tesla (figuratively). There are ways to make this gave of life easier, better, more rewarding. All we have to do is listen, and learn.

Sat Nam.

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