Digital Media Experience in the Ryerson SLC

The DME in the Ryerson Student Learning Centre is a creative hub where students can come and take part in digital fabrication and digital media production. The DME offers one-on-one tutorials where you can learn the latest on technology and digital media. This includes 3D printing, virtual reality experiences and Adobe applications. Everthing you need to accomplish your digital media project is available on the SLC computers and help for your projects is available here.

My experience in the DME

For an assignment for one of my main Interior Design classes, we were asked to design a creative hub for a gaming company. Part of the project was to design a restaurant or cafe and in doing so had to create a utensil or container that could be used by the restaurant. For most of our projects we create models out of wood or acrylics in the shop, however for this assignment we decided to try out digital fabrication (and a bonus of working in the DME is that the 3D printers are free to use!)

The idea for our utensil was to create a two-in-one container that used the utensil as the locking device for the to-go container. We designed a simple 4 sided box with a small opening in the lid which the spoon or fork could be slotted through.

The first step of creating the utensil was to build it on my computer using Rhino, a 3D modelling application, then converting it to the proper requirements used by the 3D printer. Once formatted, the file was inputted into the 3D printer application, we picked the quality/colour of the plastic and started building the utensil. At first the 3D printer was having difficulty building up the base of the model and we had to restart a couple times. This is apparently common and the only way to fix it is to restart. Eventually the base was created sucessfully and the model took a couple hours to complete. The spoon was easy to build, however after it was built did not fit inside the opening so we had to sand down the spoon so it could fit.

Overall, the final product was successful however some of the edges needed some sanding as the plastic created some indents and change in texture. The pieces also did not fit together as well as they did on the 3D modeling application so some manual adjustments were needed after printing. Although there were some technical issues the overall result was a success and I can definitely see myself using 3D printers in the future.