My #BrandChat Experience: Becoming a BRANDido

On Wednesday of this past week I participated in my first Twitter Chat. In the interest of transparency, I’ll admit that I chose #BrandChat specifically because it best fit my work schedule this week. This chat turned out to be much more interesting and potentially useful than I ever would’ve anticipated. I will definitely make room in my schedule to participate in #BrandChat on a regular basis now.

In the graphic to the left I have listed each of the six questions asked of participants during the hour. In my text here, I will share some of my favorite answers as well as the more popular answers from other users who also participated in #BrandChat. I have transcribed these tweets word-for-word (imperfections and all) to give you a summary of how our chat went.


@AntoineWoodsJr- “A1: Brands like Publix & Target are doing great job via Twitter. Their teams quickly responds to questions and concerns. #brandchat”

@MeeuwDog- “A1) @Amazon has great customer service they are quick to fix any issues #brandchat”

@Sereneprincess- “A1 Best Practices: Be timely. Honest and prepared to deal with a variety of scenarios. #brandchat”


@TalentExch_Biz “A2 Customer Satisfaction, Issues Resolution Time table, conversion after resolution & return visits. Also constant review of #UX #brandchat”

@MindofaDiva- “A2: With social media I would say timeliness. On twitter people are looking for quicker responses than on other platforms. #brandchat”

@Rlars22- “A2) It all comes down to customer satisfaction in the end #brandchat”


@kkopacz1- “A3 Check out what’s being said about your brand w/free tools @socialmention Google Advanced Search,Google Trends #brandchat”

@Sereneprincess- “q3: Repeat purchases. Sharing love for brand with friends online and offline. Growing market share. #brandchat”

@laaparicio_- “A3: Customer reviews! I always look at reviews before tuning in to any new brand. #BrandChat”


@CSDframing- “A4b) Customers are learning more about the products before they buy them and not after #brandchat”

@emilyrose780- “A4: Upcoming — a retail experience with less distinction between online and IRL, so I can research and purchase anywhere #brandchat”

@laruffier- “A4 big box retailers need to compete now that #showrooming is an issue — Offer coupons, price matching and guarantees #brandchat”


@TalentExch_Biz- “A5 Hmmm is this when we start talking #AR, #AI? All of that is helping to bring shopping off the iPad & into your living room #brandchat”

@johncloonan- “A5: There’s a thin line between responsive & creepy, too. Lots of ethical issues re: customer data. #brandchat”

@emilyrose780- “A5: So many! Wearables like @nymiband makes authentication smoother. Beacons (with users phones) enable retail personalization #brandchat”


@Mr_McFly- “A6: I’m often impressed with the work @verizon does, directionally on social. #brandchat”

@isaaaperez- “A6: I think @Apple is the number one brand for introducing something new to the market, they are always “just-in-time! #brandchat”

@Rlars22- “A6) Seems @apple is on point with marketing and ahead of everyone else.. @UnderArmour too #brandchat”

Key Takeaways

At the end of the day, customer satisfaction via social interaction will always be very important for brands to measure. Timeliness, honesty, transparency and knowledge can all help increase the rate of customer satisfaction. Technology will continue to change the way brands do business. Technological advances may affect how brands merchandise stores and use customer information for personalization. Major players seen doing well on the social scene: Amazon, Zappos, Wendy’s, Apple, Tarte (in my opinion) and Whole Foods.

So…Why will I be back to participate in #BrandChat again?

For me, #Brandchat was just the right number of users interacting. I was familiar with almost every participant by the end of the hour and felt comfortable replying to others’ tweets. Additionally, the questions covered a variety of brand- and social-related topics that could prove to be useful for me to be familiar with in the future. The balance of friendly interaction and information exchange in #BrandChat was the best I could have asked for in my first Twitter chat experience. I’m a proud BRANDido!